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00003-Meritant, bearer of a Merit of Honour

"Atten-hut! All rise and take off caps, saluting LGOF-06 Electrum for Life and Patriarch of Megamisama First Lifeguards, Star-Emerald Knight of Great Kagome. Valour-keeper of Kagomei Marhamat Dandelion!"   "Will you knock that off Tadros Dandelion ?" The elderly, trim, compact man, his hair steel grey, in the uniform of the palace lifeguards, his very impressive "salad-bar" of medals clinking.  Most people saw more medals on his chest than they've ever seen in any one place, except for the odd military museum curator.   "Zim-Zim-Zim!"   "Call me cousin, or Marhamat , at least. And who are these strapping younglings? They're new."   "May it please the Fount of Honour, I would introduce Flora Rolli , Na-Bameimeita of Kagomei, Na-Domei of Megamisama, Meritant of Honour, Third Flag aboard KEMS Southern Diagonal Flare."   "So all this Navy and Flyforce gobbledygook to tell me you're a middling rank flag officer? And you, young man, who are you?"   "By the grace of the Elements, the privileges of birth and the support and succour of Meihomei, I am Amarat Veneer the second, Baron of Sporray, Baron of Konigsee, Count of Stillbergen, Namolec prime of Sottolanga, Loroni-warbaron of Utta-Utta, Prince of Ferrare, High Prince of Benevento, grandson of Beltran Nameihomei by birth, adoptive grandson of Meltran Meihomei , both known to you, and currently fourth in the line of succession." Before Marhamat could inject sufficient sarcasm in his reply, a page walked in, saluting shakily, almost like a mouse being made to salute a hunting owl.   "Most honoured persons, I would attract your attention for a moment."   "Yes?" They all turned towards the page.   "Zim, may I introduce Meihomei, the Fount of Dignity, fiercer than any slashbeast, she who rules Kagomei from Harhui to Veneer, and all parts in between." The aforementioned ruler stepped in, stunning in a dark emerald dress, her hair covered with a fine green net, studded with emeralds. The four occupants in the room made to salute, Meihomei barked: "Stop.! I was introduced without my titles so no one would be tempted to salute me that didn't need to." and saluted them instead. "Don't diminish this privilege, this dignity, that you are alone in all of Kagomei to possess. I don't salute you because I must, I salute you because I choose to, but that I do before you can salute me is a claim you make on me no one else can."   "Amalthea."   "Marhamat Dandelion, Valour-Keeper of Kagomei, I come, and ask permission to join you and the other Meritants of Honour."   "I would grant permission, were it necessary, but this chapel is in your palace, in your own heir's Domeidom , you need no such permission here. I see you're keeping it in the family, I've seen this young lady's father before, at a family gathering, and this young man is Prithyanka's grandson to anyone with eyes."   "I wished it was not so obvious, but they saved thousands of my loyal subjects, and captured our enemies in large numbers, both."   "I can see that their Boxes of Honour are here for me to get to know them, they were active military recently to have so many each."   "They still are active, Marhamat, unlike Tadros who finally accepted retirement."   "It is time I let someone else be Telbun, I'm not yet done with your Navy, Meihomei, with respect."   "You... de-enlisted only to re-enlist?"   "Yes, making someone else Telbun, and letting them demote myself back to Tiger-striped Javelin Bundle, as you know."   "Is he your replacement then? I see tiger-stripes on his uniform too."   "No, although he is a fine candidate, indeed, his Merit would count for much."   "My adopted nephew is not the reason we're here."   "No? Well, why are we here then, Amalthea?"   "Because you are the most trusted and honoured people in my realm, and I ritually meet with you once a year."   Another group of lifeguards was escorting another green-dressed woman, who stopped, panting. The herald barked:   "Announcing Nameihomei, Domei of Garay, Domei-actual of Innu , Feyd  of Simular, Stark  of Byzance, Stark of Wheelbro, Willow of Lilleath, Willow of Ingred, by the grace of the elements Aumhava of Garay."   "Apologies to this august assembly, and to Meihomei, I wasn't told of the meeting until an hour ago."   "Mikhala, why are you here?"   "I am a Star-Emerald Knight-Commander of the Order of Emerald , it carries none of the privileges of a Merit of Honour, but it signally carries all of its duties, including meeting and honouring these fine heroes."   "That makes it my fault, I forgot to invite you, I'm sorry Mikki."   "Well, we are here, we are met unless others will join?"   "Shibué is here, she's the only other member of the Emerald Knights at present."   "Meihomei, I'm... not worthy..."   "Daughter, please, don't say such things. As Meihomei's personal bodyguard, no one here doubts your devotion or worthiness." As Marhamat spoke, the others took a knee. "As it is known, it is spoken." Following the very traditional form of assent, dating back to before the founding of Megamisama. When Shibue saw that her ruler had taken the knee with them, she felt light-headed.   "Please, Méritants and Honoured ones, you make me blush." Shibué tried to disappear behind Meihomei, without success. Marhamat, her father, continued.   "Again, we are here, Meihomei, for what purpose?"   "I wanted you to meet the new Méritants, and I wanted your advice... This plan hatched by Special Ops hinges on this young man..."   "Why him? Why not her?"   "Because he fought the enemy commander hand to hand, and captured him once, we hope he can do so again."   "You CAPTURED the head of the invaders? Single-handed?"   "No, most valiant one, my commanding officer was with me, laying cover, without her help, I would not... Does the plan mean I am to try again, alone?"   "And where is this..." He stopped himself. "Oh, so she's not just a distant cousin of yours and mine, nor a very pretty young lady, she's a priestess and a leader."   "It is my honour to know her."   "Perfect reply, young Namei, tell me, do you only do rote memorization, or are you deliberately trying to be dull?"   Amarat bit his cheek, trying not to blurt out "I'm trying not to buy a title 65."   "I am used to not saying all I know, my mother calls that Diplomacy." Amarat finally added, Mikhala blushed.   "Ah, yes, she would have taught you that, and taught you well."   "Meihomei, I don't know what you expect, I'm an old man, Tadros isn't that much younger, although he is much fitter. What can we know of the invader that you do not already know?"   "I don't need you to know of the foe, Marhamat, I asked you and him here together, so you would tell me about him, and maybe tell him about what a man risking his life for that of others needs to know."   "I would if he hadn't earned his own merit. He obviously knows how lonely it feels."   "With respect, Valourous one, I was never lonely, my commander was with me."   "Ah, that will help, especially a walking title 65 like she is."   "Zim!"   "What, young lady, you think there's a man in your command who doesn't think your ability to lead, to command, and your priestly powers doesn't add up to an attractive package? I am not that naive."   "Zim." Flora bit her lip.   "Oh, wait, you two aren't allowed to admit you want to see each other naked more than once a year, I bet."   "We're no longer on the same division, so we... should be able to, Zim, but habits die hard."   "Ah, I know it. I almost got cashiered, when I had my own title 65 you know..."   "Zim?" Both Amarat and Flora looked floored, the others had all heard the story before.   "My Shibué's mother was a lifeguard non-com in my squad. Strong, but gentle, brooking no manner of nonsense, especially not from me." Shibué walked closer and grabbed her aged father's hand.   "What, my dear, I'm not so old mentioning her will make me crack."   "Father, you misunderstand, I'm grabbing your hand because each time you allow yourself to mention her, you show such strength and passion. I miss her too, and holding your hand when you mention her, she feels less far away."   "And you Tadros, where's your sorceress?"   "She said, and I quote: 'I wear a pound of brass each day, I have no desire to walk into that chapel and have it feel like each piece weighs as much as a Flycarrier.  With respect to those that earned those honours, my accomplishments pale before I reach even a mile of the place."   "Still the same one?"   "Aye, thirty-five years together next month."   "That's a sizable amount of time, maybe you'll introduce us?"   "You've met her... thousands of times, I just never pointed her out to you."   "What is she like then?"   "Tall, strong, with a voice to call thunder on anyone dimwitted enough to attract her displeasure."   "Marhamat, you mean you didn't put two and two together?"   "I was hoping my cousin would admit it, it's unlikely he'll ever be in a more trustworthy company, you know what they say about this chapel."  
"To break the trust of the Knights of Kagomei is to invite their swords, and to breach their secrets is to anger Meihomei herself."
Tadros sighed. "As it is known, so you have spoken." He took a knee. "My love, may she live in the grace of the elements, is Nessun-Honour of Meihomei's Imperial Kagome Navy , Valias Herringbone, Nessun of Third Fleet, Ryder of Constantinople Township .   "What?" Marhamat looked genuinely surprised.   "Father, you're the only one surprised, it seems."   "These knew?"   "We... saw them together when we received our Merits, It was quite obvious there... was something going on" Amarat added.   "What? I've been so discreet."   "At the end of the party, you grabbed her behind, when she all but rubbed back against your hand, it was quite... "   Tadros just covered his face.   "That's the first time either of us had a drink in years, there was a reason we had been abstaining..."   "Seems the only ones who can cast stones are Domei Mikhala and Meihomei."   "No, not quite." Meihomei was blushing, and Mikhala looked like she was trying not to choke, from laughter or tears, wasn't quite obvious which.   "Does everyone in my kingdom get involved with people at work?"   "Well, no, but our armed forces do it quite a bit, it seems all the shared risk of dying is an aphrodisiac."   "And yet, they're the only ones with rules against doing it."   "Only between priests and laity, and commanders and subalterns."   "Which are the ones who are most likely to save your life, I mean, a priest..."   "And the rules are there to prevent people from taking... advantage."  
  ..Later, elsewhere in the palace, two lifeguards are discussing recent events around a pitcher of beer and some glasses.   "Did you see all that green?"   "What?"   "Was some function at the palace today, never seen so many with green in their salad bars before."   "Likely because it was all of them, they meet here, from time to time."   "All of them?"   "You don't think there's many who have either membership in the Emerald Order of Kagomei or a Merit of Honour, do you?"   "No, but I imagined more than 20 people."   "Ah, shows what you know, the Merit is just six people, and the order is three, with one person being in both."   "What do you have to do to be in both?"   "Be Marhamat Dandelion."   "Frak! You're messing with me."   "No, the only person in both is a lifeguard just like us, after all, he saved Three different Meihomei's lives, after that, making him the Valour-Keeper is a no brainer."   "Valour-keeper?"   "Yeah, basically the one who checks the rolls for either order."   "Like their commander?"   "For the merit yes, for the Order, he's more like the secretary."   "Why?"   "Because the Order of Kagomei's highest rank is usually only granted to someone who has been, or is currently, Nameihomei."   "Nameihomei? What's that?"   "Read the word, almost-Meihomei. Basically, the lady in the green dress you walked attendance on today? She's kin to Meihomei, and carries her authority. Anyone messing with her is in for a world of pain."   "Why?"   "Besides being Bameita and a Namei? Oh, and a Domei? No reason, except she's Meihomei's adopted sister. They don't make bigger enemies apart from Meihomei herself."   "Dang. She's kinda pretty too.." Trying to distract his shift mate, after all, he should have known all that, if he was what he seemed.   "Pretty, but kinda old, I mean you're two years older than her son."   "Who's that?"   "The one I was shadowing today. Amarat Veneer the Second, Namei of Kagomei."   "He's a prince too?"   "He's fourth in the line of succession! It surprised me when I learned he went into Flyforce to become a non-com."   "Oh, he's a pilot?"   "He's a staffing non-com like they all are that that level of brass."   "So he doesn't fly?"   "He flies in a Cormorant as XO of the bird, keeps everything ship-shape every shift. You could say he's the squadronès personnel engineering officer."   "Oh, so figures out who is needed to do what, etc?"   "Yeah, he must have some more responsibilities, but that's what his staffing badges read: staffing and pay-ops."   "Psy-ops?"   "Yeah, I figure he's good at scaring people."   "Maybe he just says 'I'll sic Meihomei on you' and that's plenty scary."   His unaware future victim was laughing so hard, he chocked, forcing tears streaming down his face.   ...The next day   "What happened to Milandro?"   "He fell, we were having a beer, and he fell down the stairs, I tried to catch him... He didn't make it..."   "He fell down the steepest set of stairs in the palace, at the very precise angle to kill himself... When this hadn't happened in ten years, ever since they added the new guardrails? Damn, he'll be missed."   "Yeah, boss, I'm not sure I'm ok, can I take a few days off?"   "Oh, of course, I'll handle the paperwork, don't let me see you until next week, ok?"   Perfect, the Massimo assassin thought, but only said: "As you wish."


Saluted first by everyone including Meihomei, except their own number, and Commander-level or above Knights of Emerald.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The merit of honour, an emerald -studded hexagonal(6cmx2cm) medallion, attached to an emerald coloured ribbon.
Civic, Honorific
Form of Address
Meritant of Honour
Alternative Naming
Honoured Person/Sir/Madam
Source of Authority
Meihomei, through the Valour-Keeper
Length of Term


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