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Valias Herringbone

Nessun-Honour of Meihomei's Imperial Kagome Navy, Ryder Kannegael Valias Stephanie Herringbone (a.k.a. The Flame-Douser)

"Hey Valias, nice to see you again, did you do something to your hair?"   "Err, yes, I dyed it." She bowed. "Hopefully this shade of peach isn't too abhorrent." The long tress she usually kept down her back had snaked up forwards of her rank tabs, and was indeed, quite peach coloured, unlike her usual pale blue.   "Of course not, it suits you, so does wearing something less than full armour to meetings." Amalthea didn't need to bruise the officer's pride in any way, despite her official retirement, Valias had managed to chime into more decisions than many active officers, either through op-ed letters to news papers, position papers in various journals, volunteer stints in think tanks, the odd military history book, and the odd visit, she'd have thought this was such a visit, if she hadn't been in her bathing suit...   "I hope this is a social call?"   "Err, kinda. I take it you know Aumhivina Veyron?"   The Potentate, or Plenipotentiary Nyakki Veyron needed no introduction, not to Amalthea, they'd dated, after all, although, Valias... Wait, Valias was around then, and was cleared, she'd know.   "Ah, yes, nice to see you again."   "Highest-upon-highs, the elements bless your presence and memory." That was more than she'd gotten off condemned criminals, and Nyakki wasn't one to butter her up, to Amalthea, something was up...   "You two want me to arbitrate a dispute against you?"   "Err, how'd you know?"   "Really, Nyakki-chan here is the first-named of the sect of power, and unless I miss my guess, you're third, with Leyla Du Lahk and Maëlle Comma being second and forth, and I doubt Leyla or Maelle could arbitrate anything between the two of you, so enmeshed the two are in both your webs of power. I'm hardly the best authority on power rituals, but even I know you can't ask either of them for an unbiased opinion. Now, I'm hardly entirely unbiased, but unlike the both of them, I can survive, for maybe 20 minutes, what either of you would do to me if I made you angry enough, so hopefully, this is a bar bet?"   "Hmm, yes, well, we bet that we... could get Tadros unable to contain himself within five minutes, and so we're tied, we both think we could do it faster than the other, but neither of us is giving an inch..."   "Ladies! I draw the line at arbitrating disputes between lovers!"   "You know you can't do that, not when you've been both our lovers..."   "Oh."  
  ME-25 Nameihomei Amalthéa Kagome was always a pain in my behind."    

Mental characteristics


She went up the ranks, rather quickly, but she still went through every military rank, from non-com, to commissioned, to flag, making her a Queen Maverick

Accomplishments & Achievements

She's a Queen Maverick(someone who went from non-com, to flag, without going through the academy, and reached the rank of Nessun, or above)

Failures & Embarrassments

She thought she had gotten the Navy in good shape, then she got aliens dumped in her lap, she is not happy. She wants to help Kagomei, so she's not trying to take resources away from spaceforce or flyforce, she wants them to do good, she is a bit conflicted about taking resources away from her Island Nation's navy, knowing they'll need all of it after the invasion.


Valias Herringbone

Secret Lover

Towards Tadros Dandelion


Tadros Dandelion

Secret Lover

Towards Valias Herringbone


Date of Birth
Date of Death
Current Residence
Kannégaël Manor
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Fluent in Kagomine, spent three years in Tsou, fluent in Tsou, spent two years in Magrat and Friuli, decent fluency in both languages.
Ruled Locations


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