Kagomine Ethnicity

"What does it mean to be Kagomine?  I don't know, I haven't been one very long..."

"What?  But you lived in Lavali all your life!"

"Yeah, exactly.  When you live in Lavali, everything is far away, and you're alone with the Mountains.  It's not like Megamisama where people step on you merely because they're not looking where they're going!"

"Oh, yeah, that ain't happening a lot in Lavali?  How come?"

"You mean, with 200000 people in lavali to Megamisama's 7 million?"


"Yeah, bit of a difference there.  Not that Lavali is alone in being a smaller city surrounded by larger ones, all the big cities are port cities in Kagomei. And Megamisama's not 7 million, it's closer to 12!"

"Ow, my head!"

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Native or naturalized: Amalthea, Prithyanka, Mikhala, Kira, Jaesa, Rumiko, Flora, Jima, Najima, Naflora, Ami, Rei, Shibué, Alezzia, Rylee, Nehanna, Shara, Reina, Narei, Mako, Namako, Jewella, Nakrysta, Narobin, Senya, Nameita, Laera, Nalara, Nalanara, Byanka,   Imported from other languages and seen commonly but used as-is: Ilyana, Shanunzia, Robin, Cehna, Lana, Dana, Kalina,

Masculine names

Amarat, Amarak, Innu, Valatran, Meltran, Beltran, Venti, Trenti, Doppio, Largo, Cainu, Marhamat, Andei, Tadros, Solon, Kalatran, Kaldei, Thearon, Naniko, Vull, Solostaran, Juraian, Namei, Sandree   Imported from other languages and seen commonly but used as-is: Claude, Petro, Sammit, Karl, Thomas, Jack, Dan

Unisex names

Valias, Matsu, Mitsu, Mishu, Sooshan, Mindo, Ryder, Stegab, Nastegab, Sanarai, Nasarai, Solar, Raptor,

Family names

Native: Kagomei, Yesugai, Kamagai, Yamagai, Veneer, Ma, Naloli, Laigai, Takahashi, Takamine, Yamahashi, Laihashi, Laimine, Namine, Nama, Naveneer, Yameneer, Narapt, Raptahashi, Matsumoto, Dandelion, Namei, Domei, Stark, Hayley, Boulton, Kimazi, Rolkazi, Halemoto, Banfeito, Stegab, Nastegab, Staneito   Common imported or mixed: Weintraub, Van Pelt, Starboecks, Vannalecki, Goguryan, Benevent, Abend, Tsu, Nisan, Moniqi

Other names

The names above are the "common' names, that everone tries, but the kagomine naming ritual is; try names until you find one that pacifies the child, so sometimes you find really strange ones.


Major language groups and dialects

Each province or region has its own dialect: Kimagurei: sing-song language, maritime culture Megamisama: brusque speech, cosmopolitan Veneer: excessive search for elegance in speech, snobs Innu & Dunkehl: two different dialects, but both populaces are rural and hard working Byzance: Minimalist, almost brutalist, more industrial, still hardworking, but with more of a complexity addiction than Dunkehl, less then Veneer Lavali: lilting speech, not sing-song, but do have more verse in normal speech than other dialects, alpine culture, love of beauty and nature

Shared customary codes and values

Adaptability and perseverance are their highest values, correspondingly, conservatism is felt to limit one's prospect, because one is trying to say they're trying hard enough.

Average technological level

Fully participating in the Lai Dang Treaty Authority which reached, just barely, kardashev lvl 1 Reverse engineered, from captured equipment, spaceflight capability

Common Dress code

Dark Green, so dark as to be almost black, is associated with the imperial family, anyone wearing this colour will be reprimanded.  Because it's the imperial colour(and for the last hundred years, the imperial eye colour), it was chosen for awards made directly by the imperial head of state:
  • ME-30 Meihomei 
  • ME-25 Nameihomei 
  • Emerald Knight of Great Kagome 
  • Merit of Honour 
  • Kagomine Navy List of Renown (the plaque is on deepest green marble)
  • CI-10+ Secretary 
  • The insignia of all OF-10 officers has shoulder boards in black trimmed with this colour, unless they:
  • Own a dual rank that is on this list
  • Own an aristocratic rank of Domei or higher(basically given for saving the kingdom multiple times, the automatic rank for an of -10 is a Feyd, so happens very rarely)
  • Have been decorated with the order, or received the merit.

Historical figures

Merlyn    Analecta Kagome Kira Takahashi  Kagome Jaesa Carson Takahashi  Innu Yesugai  Mitsu Dandelion  Matsu Dandelion  Rumiko Dandelion

Major organizations

Dandelion Family Kagome Family Matsumoto Family @civil

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