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Session 5.3.05: Party Crashers

Part V: Past is Prologue

The Rod is safely back in the hands of the Conclave, and Baugoth's forces have been beaten back from Níenost—for the moment at least. Time for everyone to catch their breath and discuss what to do next.   Just a nice, uneventful meeting.

General Summary

Draft. WIP.

The Rod is safely back in the hands of the Conclave and Baugoth's forces have been beaten back from Níenost, for the moment. Time for everyone to catch some breath and discuss what to do next.


Just a nice, quiet, meeting of the minds.


A Welcome Opportunity for Rest

The Strangers finished drinking the success of their mission to Danith Or with the Conclave and Fingorathar. Then, the heroes retired for the evening in their own way so they might rejoin the council in the morning, refreshed, to discuss their next steps.  

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Francis and Pip made their way back to their individual chambers for the evening. Each took a bath and then collapsed into their beds for a much-needed rest.  

Two Can Play at That Game

Stergen left the citadel to look around the city first. As he made his way back to the citadel, he encountered Aqaar who had also left the citadel after their drink, in order to check on his people. They returned to the citadel together and made idle conversation. Stergen asked Aqaar if he played chess but he had never heard of it. (Stergen didn't realize that, neither, the game nor the feudal system it was based on had yet to be invented.) Aqaar countered, asking if Stergen knew how to play Rindeliën but, naturally, Stergen was equally unfamiliar. They offered to take a short break and teach each other their games. After they each won their respective games, they bade each other good evening, and then Stergen turned in.  


Not long after, alarm bells sounded. Shadow creature + fire giant & griffon (gryhir) + Eniriol crashed through the upper wall on the East side of the circular council chamber. Strangers fought the monsters (Francis ate a couple of lembas). others joined in. Quick victory. Elf scout, Eniriol, told the conclave that Ungloloth betrayed Baugoth. They're fighting. Eniriol sets out to get more intel, Strangers tag along. They see an EPIC fight.

Character(s) interacted with


The command word to dispel the invisibility spell, for the individual who speaks it, is áspireth.
The Strangers
Stergenallen Von
Francis Whitelock
Pip Garthyk
Report Date
13 Mar 2021
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