Aqualon The Founding of the Five Cities

The Founding of the Five Cities



The five Keepers declared the founding of the five cities.

After the Middle Lands began to prosper and the population began to grow to a certain level, the five Keepers sought out the most influential and wealthy families of the Middle Lands as well as a few families from the surrounding areas. Together they made a plan to build great cities in the five corners of the land with the Tower of Five at their center, using earth and water magic to create the initial infrastructure.   The new cities quickly absorbed strategically placed villages and enjoyed a steady influx of people during their first ca. 50 years of development. In that time, the five Mage Academies gained much of their current splendor, and the cities prospered so well that they managed to pay off their debt to the Yamato Kingdom, a large part of which had been incurred during the construction of the cities.

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