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  • Map of The Yamato Mountain Range - Moth Habitats

    This map of the Yamato Mountain Range is part of the Yamato-Ga-Daijiten 大和蛾大事典 ("The Great Encyclopedia of Yamato's Moths") (See: Codex Riccardium - A Primer on the Moths of Yamato ) and shows the habitats of murasaki moths, yarenma moths, and sensôga moths in the Yamato Mountain Range. Murasaki moths are indicated as pink, yarenma moths as purple, and sensôga as green. While the murasaki moth is spread throughout the entire mountain range in great numbers, yarenma populations are more scarce and regular extermination campaigns of the Yamato Kingdom keep them in check, though it is dangerous work. Sensôga were created through many generations of domestication and nearly extincted during the Age of Heroes. A few escaped their captivity and actually managed to survive in the wild, and their very small population still live near the inner naraku no sôheki 奈落の双壁 ("Twin Walls of the Abyss") and in the kobayashi 巨林 ("Giant Grove"). In his "Primer on the Moths of Yamato", Rickard Leeow discusses the habitats, biology, domestication, and other aspects of the moths, based on the Yamato-Ga-Daijiten 大和蛾大事典 ("The Great Encyclopedia of Yamato's Moths"), which is still a seminal work in the field of zoology.

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