The White Lancers of Aerialis

In addition to Aerialis's military, the margrave of Aerialis also commands a knightly order of combat mages, the White Lancers of Aerialis. These elite fighters enjoy both noble titles and the benefit of specialized training in the art of Windriding, which originally utilized wind magic to enhance movement and a lance that could pierce Angel Saxon armor.   Today, the knights report to the barracks on the margrave's estate every morning, where they train together and are then assigned their duties for the day, if any.   Standard duties for knights are patrolling and guard duties as well as participating in parades. However, senior knights are often called to arms by their captains to perform scouting missions and even campaigns if need be.   The Right and Left Squadron of the White Lancers were often utilized as strike forces when such military actions were needed. But as the times have grown relatively peaceful, even captains most commonly perform guard and ceremonial duties these days.  

Coat of Arms, Attire and Weaponry

The White Lancers wear a bright, white cloak, called wingwrap, and an emblem bearing their coat of arms (or a purple sash, if they are acting in ceremonial or high functions.). Their coat of arms is a stylization of the three winds (the wind of the land, the wind of the sea, and the wind of change) placed on a triangle, representing the white cloak, surrounded by feathery wings, symbolizing their air superiority. Underneath their cloaks, they wear hardened leather armor when they expect action, though most White Lancers ommit the heavier variants when patrolling the city.   When on cerimonial business, they still wear a lance strapped over their backs, though in actual combat it has been replaced by the terebra, usually backed up by a cutting weapon, commonly a longsword, katana, or wakizashi.


  • Highest Authority: The Margrave of Aerialis
  • Leader: The Kalm
  • Right Squadron Leader: The First Wind
  • Left Squadron Leader: The Second Wind
  • Officers: Captain
  • Soldiers: Knight

Public Agenda

The White Lancers are the elite force of the margrave and as such execute his most critical campaigns, while also serving as his personal guards and mounting the city's frontline defences when an attack is imminent.


They have lavish barracks on the premises of the margrave's castle in the Willow Woods at the banks of Lake Ripploch, and are furnished with beautiful atire and arms, as well as a sizable stipend by the margrave.


The White Lancers of Aerialis were founded after the death of the Lord of Wind Adelbert Trast during the Age of Heroes in 192AH. The margrave of the east took his former Guardians and their squires into his service and housed them and their families in his castle at Lake Ripploch. These Guardians, Clarie Vinstek and Karl Trast, had developed a powerful fighting style involving wind magic and the use of a lance together with their Keeper. When serving the margrave, they began to teach it to the men assigned to their care who were gifted with powerful enough souls, and in time they were granted new titles befitting their stations. From this a powerful frontline order of knights was born, instrumental in several key victories during the Age of Heroes. After the Founding of the Five Cities, the margrave retained a considerable amount of power in the domain of Aerialis and the knightly order of the White Lancers remained in his service in addition to Aerialis's regular military.
Military, Knightly Order

  • 6092 ARe

    The Death of Adelbert Trast
    Life, Death

    The Lord of Wind Adelbert Trast is slain in battle by a Valkyrie of Freyja, but his Guardians survive and find shelter with the Margrave of the East.

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  • 6098 ARe

    Rise of the White Lancers
    Life, Organisation Association

    The former Guardians of Adelbert Trast, Clarie Vinstek and Karl Trast, and their retinue achieve a significant victory over an Angel Saxon force, and the margrave of the east rewards them with titles and lands, making them his bannerman. Their symbol becomes the three winds, lain on a cloak of white, surrounded by wings.

    The White Lancers of Aerialis cover

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