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The island of Saresham belongs to the nation of Nyingma, which is also the name of the largest island of the Nyingma island group. It is home to the houses of silk, tall buildings with clear crystal canopies, hauled out of the quartz mines of the neighboring island of Paramani, that heat up the air inside, creating a humid environment that is well-loved by Saresham silk caterpillars.

In the center of the island stands a tall fairy chimney with several smaller ones surrounding it, a relic of the time before the Keeper of Water Parati Nahin turned it from a desolate, arid rock into a lush, sub-tropical garden. Caves in this fairy chimney house much of Saresham's population, and every spring, when the Kinaara liana that grows on Khajbacha mangroves around the island is in bloom, the people hang the silk out on long sticks, letting it flow in the wind to catch the Kinaara pollen, which imbues it with a glittering sparkle that withstands even rigorous washing, making Saresham silk quite prized.
— From the Aqualon Grand World Atlas, 2nd Edition

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