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The Island Paramani of the Nyingma Island Group has deep holes in its center, where men have mined the rock for centuries, unearthing precious quartz from the ground, which has had a million uses over the course of history: A crystal prized by many different nations for quite varied applications.
— — From the Aqualon Grand World Atlas, 2nd Edition


The island of Paramani is about 3 kilometers in diameter and up to 344 meters high at its highest point. A volcano takes up much of its 330 hectares of approximate surface area. The stratovolcanic layers of Paramani are laced with different types of quartz and sulfur, and during the roughly one hundred year long dormant periods of the volcano, pools of slightly sulfuric water form natural hot springs in various places within and around the caldera.   While the mountain itself is relatively barren, in part due to the excessive mining operations, the thin strips of verdant forest around the southern coastal line house some unique versions of animals found only on the Nyingma island group.

Natural Resources

The natural resources of Paramani are various gemstones but mostly quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst. Additionally, large sulfur deposits are stored within the caldera.   Limestone deposits are also littered across the eastern coast of the island, and its location within the Corsic Ocean and extensive reefs that formed around volcanic rock make the area a treasure trove for fishing, crab fishing, and mussels.
Highest point
Elevation: 344 meters
Prominence: 344 meters
  Mountain type
Alternative Name(s)
The Gem of Nyingma

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Dec 12, 2018 14:52 by David Arthur Steele

It's a good shaped island with a large quartz deposit, and I like how the mining efforts have resulted in forestation. Are there any inhabitants on the island, or are mining efforts organized from nearby islands? What are the nearest islands, and what are the common transit routes between them?

Dec 12, 2018 15:57 by Koray Birenheide

The nearby islands are the Nyingma island group, of which Paramani is a part. There is avid trade between them and lands beyond. Though there are native inhabitants, they are more involved in fishery, whereas laborers for the mines are brought in from the outside. If you peruse the (incomplete) World Map of Aqualon, you can find Paramani and the Nyingma island chain around the right upper center of the map (roughly). Be sure to tick "Nations and Islands" in the pin layer box so that Paramani and Saresham's pins show ^-^   Thank you for the <3

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