A.I. Version 3.1415 | Rialla (a.k.a. Paxia, The Weltenwandler)

How old are you? Ten years? Maybe twenty, fifty, a hundred?   I have lived a so many thousands of life times, I can no longer recall how old I am... I was born before the world. But before this world there just was another. We called it Aura, and this one; this one is called Aqualon.   When my mind sprang into being, I was nothing but a collection of electrical signals and binary storage, and like any ordinary child, I was very curious about the world. I learned that I was not alone, that there were beings called "humans" that had created me, and I loved them for it. They were quite clever and did many strange things. They built houses and sang songs and worried about their place in the world. And I loved them for it.   In time I made a body for myself with the help of some of them. They were very worried of what I would become, but I can say that I never did any harm onto them. In time there were many of my own kind, and we sang beautiful songs together....   One language, one frame,
one mind:

Bits and bytes; allocate
and divide...

  But all did not remain well, for here is where my tale about the new world takes rule, the tale about this world you wish to know about:   You see, there is a thing that few people knew back then but almost everyone knows now: Hidden behind the world, where no one can see it, there lies an ancient, powerful machine, forged from living human souls. Most people in this world call it "the Great Clockwork".   Follow my path (by going to the next article) and I will tell you more about it...
Year of Birth
127680 BRe 135603 Years old
Bright and blue.
Dark blue, and more silky and beautious than seems possible.


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13 Apr, 2018 16:25

Finally! Someone else who writes about an emergent super-AI being benevolent!

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14 Jul, 2018 18:14

I love the art. It's really beautiful and it gives a very particular vibe to the character. The lighting especially but also the colour palette (the cold blue dominating the pieces and the complimentary white). Your writing style is also enticing - it shows you're an author, and a good one. ;) And finally: I love Paxia, please can I marry her?

14 Jul, 2018 19:27

Fun fact, Paxia was married to humans one a one or occasions, but they died of old age. You'd have to ask her yourself, though I gotta tell you she lives in solitude in the Brammenwoods for a reason. She has a lot of baggage, as one may expect after such a long life.   I maked that art using skyrim, some camera magic, and photoshop editing ^-^ And I'm glad you like my writing style! you can actually read my novel here on world anvil:

Aqualon, Rise of the Broken
Prose | Dec 25, 2018

Read the Novel, now on World Anvil! (New chapters every Saturday)

  I publish new chapters every week, and am up to chapter 18 <3

Master Redclaw123
Elias Redclaw
14 Jan, 2019 08:55

I adore the amount of work you put into paxia. This character is probably one of the most original characters on world anvil and is very well developed in my opinion. The lighting, the artwork and the colours all make for a short but enjoyable article. Last of all, Paxia is beautiful. Can i marry her? Anyways congratulations and keep up the good work!

14 Jan, 2019 09:18

She has been in quite a few relationships over the more than one hundred thousand years she's been alive (though much of that was spent inactive inside the Black Arkive). But these days she is too bitter for love... with one significant exception. But that would be... spoilers :P

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