Command Tower Entertainment

Command Tower Entertainment was originally founded in the city of Altonar, where it started out as a publishing company that printed Age of Heroes card decks, promoting the game Commanding Conquerors via regular tournaments and novels based on the deck of cards.   This eventually turned into a lucrative new niche for them: the trading card game market. In a cunning gambit, the company hired artists and writers to create a narrative around newly designed Age of Heroes cards, creating opposed sets of two symbols each rather than using two four symbol decks as was usual for Commanding Conquerors. The new decks would come with new specific rules tied to the cards and their themes and an ever more complex rule-set under the title "Commanding Conquerors: Heroes" or CCH.   With the growing popularity of the game moving beyond Altonar, Command Tower Entertainment expanded, opening up branch offices in Middlish cities, and today, CTE owns a number of large publishing houses and printing presses in Fulgrath and Arda, dealing not only in cards, but also books and games.  


Keepers United

Keepers (Arrows and Staffs) vs. Gods (Gates and Swords)   Edition Creators
These six example cards where written by Bastian as part of the Aqualon Builders Guild Quest "Flavors of Trading Card Gaming", and as part of the quest reward the card design was created by Koray Birenheide.
Special of Arrows 1 - Clarie and Karl, Guardians of Wind.jpg
Special of Staffs 2 - Saramaganta, Inferno's Wrath.jpg
Special of Staffs 3 - Sorin's Big Fatal Rock.jpg
Special of Swords 1 - Storm of the Valkyries.jpg
Special of Swords 3 - Thor Odenson, Asgard's Heir.jpg
Special of Gates 3 - Gungir, Megalance.jpg


Command Tower Entertainment is a corporation. This is a complex business structure with certain rights, privileges, and liabilities beyond those of an individual. As such, they enjoy certain tax and financial benefits, but their reliance on a company board to make executive decisions can sometimes lead to dissonances with the creative departments of CTE and the corporation status brings with it increased licensing fees.


CTE owns several presses in Altonar, Fulgrath, and Arda, regularly publishing and printing new editions of Commanding Conquerors: Heroes. In recent decades, the company has also gotten into publishing accompanying novel series, building settings and sometimes even whole fantasy or science fiction worlds around their editions in which they tell riveting stories.


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