The Aqualon Builders Guild and Challenges YOU can Participate in!

There are a lot of ways you can help this world grow and spread, and I want to give something back to the community that supports me wherever I can. So here it is:


Supporting Aqualon in various ways now awards ~bricks~, which you can spend by contacting me via the comments, discord (handle: Greenhorn#0180), or email (Kentai92[at]  

Aqualon Challenges you can Participate in

Active Aqualon Contests and Past Contest Winners
Generic article | Jan 27, 2019

These people have participated in special Aqualon challenges and won cool prizes!


Bricks, what to do with them?

Spent or not spent, your total bricks earned will unlock ranks in the Aqualon Builders Guild with corresponding badges, which can be attached to various rewards and will be presented here on this page.  
Furthermore, whenever you comment on an Aqualon article or are mentioned anywhere on this world with an author link, your badge will be attached to your name!

Aqualon Builders Guild Members

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Click: Go to the person′s WA profile!

Comment from the Author: I love you both, you are the best parents in the world!

Comment from the Author: You are my rock, man.

Comment from the Author: You have been a constant delight in my time here, Darkhobbit, stay awesome!

Carsta Dächert



Comment from the Author: You have given me the tools to realize my dream, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Comment from the Author: Thank you for helping me up when I was down not with words but with actions.

Comment from the Author: Thanks for taking the time to write that wonderful story and all the shares, I really appreciate it!

Comment from the Author: The very first Aqualon fan-fiction came from your feather, and I will never forget that.


Aqualon Builders Guild Ranks

Hover over the badges to see them enlarged.
For every rank you acquire, you will be granted a 30 day promo subscription to Aqualon, allowing you to view secrets in lore articles and gain early access to new articles as a thank you ^-^ Additionally, your rank will be displayed whenever you comment or are linked on my world! Like so:
Guild Member (15+ Bricks Earned)
You have become a part of the Aqualon Builders Guild! With all the bricks you have earned, you already have everything you need to take up residence in this world, and you are quite welcome to do so. Thank you for your efforts in supporting Aqualon and for showing your love for this world!
Mining Foreman (30+ Bricks Earned)
There is a long chain that leads to a beautiful home, and it begins in the many quarries of Aqualon where the various kinds of stone are mined for building cities. Be it in the lush Canyon of Khepri, the gentle Waves of Yamato, the crystal mines of Paramani, hard work is turned into amazing structures later on, and you are one of the great men and women who churn out the very foundations of this world!
Master of Transport (50+ Bricks Earned)
Once the bricks are out, they have to be shipped all over the world. Be it by actual ship, caravan, or even the impressive locomotive of Altonar, you manage and perhaps even captain some of these intrepid ventures for gold and glory!
Guild Master (100+ Bricks Earned)
The Builders Guild of Aqualon is a conglomerate of many powerful guilds that are involved in the construction of cities, streets, and monuments, and there are many guild masters that make this incredible venture possible, and you are one of them!
Tycoon (250+ Bricks Earned)
More powerful even than the guild masters are the sponsors that run the show from behind the scenes. With prosperous businesses of their own, they utilize the Builders Guild to its full potential and support it with their influence and contributions.
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Follow the world of Aqualon. This awards 3
Submit Aqualon Fan-art or Fan-fiction. This awards 3
Participate in an Aqualon Quest on Discord or in an Aqualon Builders Guild Writing Contest/Challenge. Variable awarded
Participate in an Aqualon Quest on Twitter. Variable awarded
Share an Aqualon article on twitter mentioning GatesOfAqualon and using the #AqualonBuildersGuild hashtag (if you have a World Anvil account, please also post your name in your tweet ^-^). This awards 1
Support Aqualon on Patreon. Per dollar donated, this awards 1
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Pick any of the available maps listed below. You may also pick a specific spot or building (if single buildings are visible)if you want. You or a fictional character of your choice will get a map pin marking out the house you or they live in, including a nice picture of the house and a short description of the building and who lives there written by me. You can contribute specifics to the entry such as the name and occupation of the occupant. You can own multiple buildings on Aqualon.



I will write a full ′building′ type article about one of the buildings you own and attach it to your map pin!
You can register an organization or business in a settlement you own one or more buildings in. I will write a full ′organization′ type article about one of the buildings you own and attach it to any number of map pins you own on that map!
I will write an article or add an article you have created about the Aqualon character living in or owning one of your buildings and attach it to that building′s pin as a beautiful article block.
I will take time to play an Aqualon tabletop adventure with you (one evening) from among the available adventures, which is currently this one:
The Margrave's Favor, a stand-alone, playable Fate Tabletop Adventure
Generic article | Jan 1, 2019

The fourth issue of the Gates of Aqualon Magazine! This is a full stand-alone adventure module designed for the Fate Core tabletop system! Almost 50 pages of material for fun evenings with your friends, use out-of-the-box characters or make your own! ^-^

You may register a +1 for this, if you want to play with a friend.

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Price in Bricks




Previously owned by the old Serjosha Maltevries, this little farm has a mid-sized vegetable patch with a cut off corner for corn. Every day, Maltevries would cart his produce to the market place of Graanshoof, selling his wares to the good folk of the island, just like his father before him.   Sadly, he died in early 1703 GE, and now this beautiful property is up for sale on the cheap. Interested?

This offer contains:
* 1 map pin on the Graanshoof Map.




These are Places you Could Build and Own a House on



Porasta Harbor

The Saltplains

Aerialis (Custom).jpg
Aquaris (Custom).jpg
Pirate Coves of Porasta (Custom).jpg
the Saltplains (Custom).jpg

Bonfire Shrine


Jamphel Yeshe

Any Village in the Middle Lands

The Bonfire Shrine (Custom).jpg
The Island of Graanshoof (Custom).jpg
The Island of Jamphel Yeshe (Custom).jpg
The Middle Lands (Custom).jpg


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7 Jul, 2018 14:14

Poets of Rahn Challenge
Water, water, this you see,
Through the shining bliss we be,
Swiftly, slowly, as we care,
This is our breath, we need no air;  
From the seas across this realm,
We bring our young to bear in elm,
Roots splay far across our ground,
These woods hold fast and do not drown;  
Our lives are short and are not missed,
From this we learn to just subsist,
This is us, we all are fish.

7 Jul, 2018 14:18

I love it! That end totally subverted my expectations ^-^ Absolutely delightful poetry!


7 Jul, 2018 15:06

Poet of Rahn Challenge

I decided to do something dealing with animism.   We thank the water of the lake.
Granting us fat fish.
We thank the river for what we take.
Fresh water and wood as we wish. For less danger than the vicious seas.
We can rest easily.
Unlike those who must wish for as the brine pleases.
Those who must wait feebly. We thank the waters of the Rahn.
As we fish and sail her waters.
We have no fear of ocean abyss for we where we sit upon.
Oh might Rahn we thank you as your sons and daughters.

8 Jul, 2018 03:28

Very creative! Perhaps something that could have come from around the time there were only a couple of villages around Lake Rahn, back when the Hall at Lake Rahn was built, the original magus academy of the area ^-^ Did you mean "Oh mighty Rahn we thank you as your sons and daughters." though? If so, do you want me to to correct that when I compose our poem collection?


8 Jul, 2018 10:54

yes I did that was a typo X)

24 Oct, 2018 12:30

~Auri, Auri, Stay Indoors Challenge~   Posted in the contest channel in the Discord!

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