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Baskuvan Province

The Baskuvan Province, often colloquially called the Baskuvan Wilds, is a large expanse spanning the western-most edge of the Empire of Ratashun. Due to its remoteness, this province knows little of the Empire's authority. It is believed that several of the eastern villages within the region are controlled by criminal groups.   The western edge of the province is dotted with small farms huddling around the few outposts and villages that call the WIlds home. Due to the wild and destructive Cemarros Storms that plague the region, only the hardiest and most resilient people inhabit the region.


The Eastern edge is composed of rolling plains, occasionally dotted with farmlands and small quarries, whilst the western edge is more hilly as it transitions into hills and small mountains. Small villages are nestled against large rocky formations, seeking shelter from the devastating storms that inundate the land.   In the southwest part of the region, as the landscape tends to flatten, the expansive Black Swamp covers several hectares of land.

Localized Phenomena

This region and its inhabitants struggle to withstand the Cemarros Storms. During the "wet season", these destructive tempests scour the exposed areas, and bring many ferocious and deadly creatures with them.

Natural Resources

While many consider the inhabitants of this region to be either criminals or fools, the land provides several rare and beneficial resources. From darkwood, a naturally fire-resistant timber, to hyapores, a powerful analgesic used in many potions, the land offers a diverse and unique bounty. Below are some of the most notable:

  • Brisom: a clay-like rock that is often ground and used in cosmetics. When crushed, it produces an ultra-fine powder that easily bonds with color additives
  • Darkwood: A lightweight, though softer, lumber that is prized for its resistance to heat and flame
  • Fraatsh: Small amphibious creatures that are often pickled and used in a wide variety of savory dishes.
  • Hyapores: Starburst shaped leaves that are used in many potions and salves as a pain reliever
  • Vrata: Vicious and deadly creatures that, when butchered, produce some of the most sought-after cuts of meat, often served for celebrations
  • History

    After the Great Reconciliation of the Ratashun Empire, wherein the various lands were organized into their present-day Sectors, the Baskuvan Province was largely abandoned. Due to the tumult of this period, and the risks of the area itself, costs of infrastructure and maintenance would be prohibitive. During the 400 years since, many administrators, particularly in the Western Sector, have sought to increase the Empire's presence in the region. However, due to resistance from the inhabitants, the Cemarros storms, and pressure from criminal organizations, this has largely been met with failure. Tax collectors and other officials sent to the remote villages rarely return, and those who do have little to show for their efforts
    Alternative Name(s)
    Baskuvan Wilds, the Wilds
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