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Hyapore is a large, vine-like plant that sprouts large iconic starburst-shaped leaves, with red and pink flowers. Often cultivated for its analgesic properties in medical applications like potions, salves, and poultices.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Once sprouted, the Hyapore grows as a central vine-like tendril, clinging to other flora, rocks, and structures. As it increases in length, it grows additional tendrils that branch off. The iconic starburst leaves can grow to almost a pace in diameter, roughly half the size of an adult human. Smaller leaves cluster the bases of the larger ones, and effectively cover whatever the vine is attached to.   When the plant is fully mature, it will grow hundreds of small pink or red flowers that emit a nauseating smell of rotting sewage. As these flowers bloom, the largest leaves begin to wither and eventually fall off. Cultivation of the Hyapore must occur before the flowers bloom for the most potent effect.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Hyapore is prized for the analgesic (pain relieving) property of the largest leaves when properly harvested and cured. Skill cultivators harvest these plants when the starburst leaves are still fairly small (roughly the size of a human head), and before any buds or flowers form. When these leaves are dried and hung to cure, the potency of their properties increases substantially.

In the Baskuvan Wilds where they are most common, they are considered a staple export for many villages and independent farms.
Average Height
The hieght of the Hyapore is largely varied, as it depends on what is available for the plant to attach itself to. The largest specimens, growing next to cliff faces, can reach tens of meters in height. In typical environments, however, their growth is limited as the weight of the larger starburst leaves tend to make the vine-like tendrils sag to the ground.
Geographic Distribution


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