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Darkwood comes primarily from the western forests of the Baskuvan Province. It is widely used for its natural resistance to heat and flame and its light weight, though due to its softer composition, it is not used as the main type of lumber in structural archtecture. It gets its name from its ashy, almost black appearance.


Material Characteristics

Darkwood lumber appears at first as if oak had simply been burned to give it a dark coloration. However, the difference in weight is substantial, as darkwood is incredibly light.   This wood is considered a "soft" wood, in that it can be easily shaped with tools. This also means that other materials should be considered before using it in any "load-bearing" applications.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Darkwood is naturally resistant to fire and heat. While it can still burn, flames will quickly die out when exposed to darkwood. While it can withstand all but the fiercest fires, it is not as strong as other types of lumber, and this inherent "softness" limits its use to non-structural applications, such as decoration or paneling, or small dwellings and buildings.

Geology & Geography

Darkwood is harvested from various locations, though it most commonly comes from the Baskuvan Province. The forests and jungles of the region seem to have a disporportionate amount of Darkwood trees, though it is not known why.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Darkwood is often used in addition to other materials in the construction of buildings, tools, and toys. It is the preferred material used in carts, wagons, boats and ships, primarily due to its lower weight (compared to other lumber) and its natural resistance to fire. While not as cheap or readily available as other types of lumber, supply has largely kept pace with demand.
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