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Written by George Sanders

In its earliest days Monsilt was a natural break in the forest with a tavern with a stable in it. The tavern had been in the space for years servicing merchants, hunters, and travelers making their way through the deep forest. This busy settlement is not located along a river or by a crossroads. It was selected to help promote commerce and provide support from Etonia to the small villages scattered through the ancient forest that fills the coast all the way to the high ridge. Farmers, woodsmen and craftsmen bring their wares here to the market. Over time the market and community expanded. Now a collection of about 20 buildings fills the break in the forest. The roads have a steady flow of carts. Etonia buys grains, wood, and products. Caravans run weekly from the city. Roads were upgraded. The mayor of the town was installed by Etonia and the community elects a council to work with him.   Etonia has an interest in protecting the forest both as a barrier to aggressive neighbors and as a source of abundant resources. The trees around the Monsilt are maybe 30 ft tall. A foot in diameter and 2nd or 3rd generation growth. This extends out about a 1/2 mile. The fields are rotated around the town every few years. The other farms further away are only allowed near natural breaks in the forest. Further into the forest the trees are big and ancient. The environment under those trees is different - less under growth, feels like a cathedral. That is old growth forest. There are large swaths of farms directly around the City of Etonia where the forest has been cleared but beyond that the forest gets the priority and Montsilt is the focus of the activity in the forest.   After the mayor was installed, the wizard Antum Ricewin got an endorsement from Etonia to set up a tower in Monsilt along with 2 apprentices. In addition to training their primary charge was to install magical enhancements to help the farmers and craftsmen in their day to day toils. After Antum's arrival it would not be uncommon to walk into a farmhouse with the dishes cleaning themselves or a bed that makes itself when you rise for the day.  

The Market

Staff: Horace Minska
The market is an area to the East of the buildings with several semi-permenant stands, the stable, and a camping area. The Mayor manages the market. He hired Horace to direct vendors, track caravans, and goods. Horace resides with his family in the third house from the southern entrance to Montsilt.  

Mayor's House

Mayor: Bryce Fairweather (Halfling)
Staff: 3 Guards

This elaborate stone and wood building is the town hall and residence of the Mayor of Montsilt. The Mayor is appointed by the Etonia Council and oversees the shipment of resources to Etonia as well as making important day to day decisions for the town.  

Wizard Tower

(Antum's Tower)
Head Wizard: Antum Ricewin
Staff: Jake Tusk, Isabelle Rightin

This 5 story tower holds training and research facilities for Antum and his 2 apprentices.


Butcher Shop

Owner: Rolph
Skills: Natural leader, community organizer, opposes the leadership of the Mayor
Staff: Jason, Brett, Baron
Jobs: He prepares meats, bone, skins for a variety of purposes with most going to Etonia. He needs skins delivered to the tanner in Everst regularly. (Reward: 10 Gold to transport)  


Owner: Haral
Skills: Dwarven ex-soldier from the Kobold Plains to the East, just wants to work on his horseshoes now.
Staff: Duncan Finhorn, journeyman blacksmith who also handles all the paperwork and numbers
Jobs: Will make fine metal items for customers, occasionally will have a job to get ore from the mine (Reward: 10 Gold for pick up and delivery)  

General Store

Owner: Gimy
Skills: Well connected in Etonia. Has a wide selection of items, gets deliveries once a week, sends orders to other towns regularly. The store has a bathhouse on the second floor.
Jobs: Caravans may need guards or an extra wagon (Reward: share of the profit or 2 Gold a piece, 10 Gold for an extra wagon plus a driver)
Staff: Yessica and Calla, twin halfings. They have their own business on the second floor. They do tatoos and run the bath house. Antum has them set up with a hot water system and a steam maker. Tattoos are 1sp a piece per 2 sq in.  


Owner: Yelsin
Skills: Makes shoes and boots. Fine artisan clothing available. Can fit armor better for adventurers that will allow better movement. Can often locate special items through his network. Good friends with Haral and Rolph.  


Owner: Emma Emma mends clothes and makes garments. She has a wand from Antum that casts mending. Her youngest son, Hanny, and daughter, Mica, help her with the work. Her oldest son Jason works at the butcher shop and helps on several farms in the area.  


Owner: Kayd
He can make furniture and does repairs on buildings and wagons. Often his work involves making or repair crates used in shipping. He resides with his family in the second house from the southern entrance to Montsilt.  


Owner: Freda
This shop has dry goods such as spices, salt, sugar, tea and coffees as well as flour, sugar, tinned or canned foods, and fruits. Freda will often have tea or coffee available for purchase and is an avid baker. She has a stone with a wind cantrip on it from Antum to make better vaccums on canned foods.  

Buzzard's Beak

Owner: Gerald - tavern keeper.
Staff: Monica does the cooking, Frea is a server.
Jobs: Job posts listed in the taproom (current jobs: goblin ears, see the hunters guild in Treir; clear a cart from the road; bring the hammerstein cows to the butcher - share of the meat, eat for weeks; stand guard for the market to open and guard caravans 5gp; best fighters available, needed by Mayor Swift. Pay commensurate with abilities, interview required.)

Busy establishment, games of chance, 4 private guest rooms and a large common guest room on the 2nd floor


Holmes Inn

Owner: Holmes - tavern keeper.
Staff: Flora (half elf) - server. Mons, champion will arm wrestle and fight.

4 rooms, private rooms, 2 large common rooms, taproom with an arena and armwrestling

Approaching Montsilt

On the road from Trier to Montsilt you cross several small creeks with a hill or two between each. About half way to Monsilt is the high point and the road angle down slightly until the late mile before Montsilt is climbs a stead incline until you reach the town. The first building you see is the Holmes Inn, with warm lamp posts lit 24hrs to welcome travelers into the town.   If you are approaching the opposite direction from Ander's End you pass through fields of wheat and vegetables. There is also a slight incline until you get to the town. Once you are within sight of buildings the two oldest structures in the town stand almost as tall as the trees. The Buzzard's Beak Inn and Gimy's General Story.


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46 Residents, 12-36 Travelers at an given time, 62 Farmers, Craftsmen, and families with homes spread out in the nearby forest.  


The community produces grains, vegetables, wood products, wild game, some livestock (a domesticated deer, pigs, chickens). Weekly Caravans from Etonia include clothes, supplies for the general store, farming equipment, and ale.  


Rolph has been complaining about missing payments from Etonia.   A group of rough types have been checking in to the Bluzzard's Beak regularly. The mayor has given them some choice caravan jobs. Caravan drivers reported missing items.   Council meetings show Rolph and the Mayor are at odds as always. Rolph wanting to see results and the Mayor providing a laundry list of things slowing progress down.

What is going on with the Mayor?

Rolph has been talking that the Mayor has the last payroll from Etonia and hasn't distributed it. The gang of ruffians the Mayor has been hiring delivered a crate directly to the Mayors House in the dead of night a few weeks ago. Rolph was working late in his shop and saw them. Then when the next payroll was due the gang never showed. They are a week late and many people didn't receive their previous payment either. The mayor claims that he has not received a shipment yet and everyone needs to be patient...  

From the Journel

The Wizard Fassad Baheda recorded the following shopping day in Montsilt Back to Montsilt


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