Written by George Sanders

In the realm of the Anhult Woodlands, the age of the trees and interconnectedness of the forest has generated nature spirits. It is suspected they are the spirit of a particularly well connected or old tree. They focus their energy near their tree, and while they care for the forest as a whole, they pay little attention to the rest of the world. But as spirits they could also grow in power like other immortal beings as they gather souls, gain worshipers, or the committed support of mortals. The actions of the druid, Gift of Dead Birds, presented this tree spirit with the opportunity to become a much more significant power and she embraced that opportunity.  

Origin Story

When Gift and their companions found Lavani she was bound to a magic circle on the second floor in the Mayor's House in Monsilt. She could not leave the circle, it was regularly healing her. She had been ripped from her tree and could no longer sustain herself. Her tree had then been corrupted and was destroyed. The healing circle was keeping her intact but this was torturous existance. If she left the circle for more than a few minutes she would die.


She had been extracted by an exorcism and brought here as a tool. Her magical essence was being used to create magical items. Several items were sitting on the table when Gift and the others found her. The Dryad was immediately entranced by the group's connection with the natural world, hope returned to her essence. These were her champions and could free her from this torture. She handed Gift an acorn she had saved from her original tree.


It is said that Gift immediately left the room and walked out the front door of the mayor's house. They lifted up a stone in the courtyard near the door. They pulled a magic feather from their hat, wrapped it around the acorn and planted both in the dirt. As the feather activated it merged with the acorn. A 50ft tall, 5ft diameter White Oak crashed into the front of the mayor's house as it grew up into the air. This act, in the middle of town brought a lot of attention from the townspeople. Gift returned to explain what happened. The dryad asked one of the members of the group, Ardelis, to carry her to the tree and she merged with it.


The spirit won over the support (and in some cases the worship) of the people of the town. She gave herself the name Lavani and there was a great party, Festival of Gifts, that went late into the night. It was again Gift that elevated Lavani later that night, Gift called for Lavani to be the replacement mayor. Gift and the other champions left the next day to find children that had been kidnapped. Leaving the town, they knew they had broken some boundaries and unleashed something new upon the world. She certainly wasn't just a nature spirit anymore. Lavani emenated a feeling of belonging and calmness but they did wonder what consequences would emerge from bringing a powerful creature like her into the world.


Her Goals

Lavani's goal has grown from protecting her small part of the forest that was several miles East of Monsilt to protecting the entire forest and towns in the region. Her influence can be felt throughout the forest and has caught the attention of just about everyone in the region. It is unclear what all her goals are but she has been gathering allies and supporting her new community.  

What is she doing now?

She has been accepted at the Mayor of Montsilt and Protector of the Anhult Woodlands. Her champions have seen her taking time to share stories with children (Mountain), directing the growth of her people (Music), and walking in the fields with farmers. She is training new champions (Oath and Belief) and has welcomed diplomats from Etonia.


Her spare time has been busy reviewing and fulfilling requests from the Festival of Gifts that was held on the night of her bonding with the tree, and spending time with her choosen souls (Heart).

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lavani Greeting a Friend
Lavani Greeting a Friend by Hal Foster
She is in much better condition now that she has bonded with a new tree.

Physical quirks

Her ears are pointed like an Elf. She does not appear to ever be carrying any tools or equipment but always has a spare tool for anyone in need. She is barefoot at all times.

Apparel & Accessories

She had a tattered jerkin and pants when the party found her in the mayor's house. After she bonded with the new tree she appeared in a flowing dress. Most days when she walks through town or attends meetings she would often have highlights or accessories made of flowers or greens. A floral choker or headband was common. Linen Tops with square, v-shaped, and high neck lines all having puffy sleeves and lace were her favorites. Layers were common with waist coats or over-all style dresses.

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Beginning as a tree spirit that was ripped from her tree, Lavani experienced extreme loss and suffering. She was locked away and alone. When she met her champions she was greeted with unconditional acceptance and support. That influenced her growth. From the moment she merged with the new tree she emitted a feeling of belonging to all those around her. Her understanding of compassion and caring for others expanded 100 fold.


Social Aptitude

She is confident and seems to have knowledge of the etiquette of Fey Courts. She has relied on the advice of her champions and the town council to learn social skills to interact well with non-Fey cultures. She has been served well by her general welcoming presence and inclusive generousity.

Hobbies & Pets

There are several cats that seem to run errands and perform tasks for Lavani, including Pumpkin, Azrial, Lynx, and Moonpie

Knowing Lavani


She is entertained and mesmerized by people's emotions. She asks for stories from everyone she meets. The wizard Antum said "You can see her studying everyone."


She fears fire and is dealing with painful memories of being ripped from her tree.


Lavani has an incredible desire to belong and to let others belong. Ardelis and Gift's immediate, willing, and unconditional support left an impact on her. Dryad's, while generally good meaning, are very self centered and only concerned with their happiness and their small part of the forest. Lavani has a much wider perspective and compassionate love of the world now.

More Details

Current Location
She has been in the Anhult Woodlands for at least 30 years but is much older than that.
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Yellow, Oval
Long, flowing, and green most of the time. It can change to a variety of vibrant colors in the spring and fall.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale with a green tint, some days she has a slight rainbow colored glow.
5 feet 10 inches
130 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Sylvan, Elvish, Gnomish, Halfling

Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder
Character Portrait image: Lavani with Flax Flowers by Hal Foster


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