Ardelis' Arrows

Ardelis' Arrows

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This group of farm, hunters, and rangers were organized by Alexander Jung, of the Fallen Sparrow Hunter's Guild in Treir, at the encouragement of Ahli Shir. It initially had 8 members and was attached to the command of Captain Aryo of Etonia. Aryo leads a detachment of city guard from Etonia that were assigned to protect settlements in the Anhult Woodlands.


The original members were Jung, Flint, Hobbes, Artie, Magnus, Greg, and Renwick plus Ardelis the Ranger. Artie and Hobbes were scouts with the Etonia City guard that were assigned to the group. Jung, Flint, and Renwick were part of the hunter's guild. Magnus and Greg were farmers from the village of Trier. The group operated out of the Hunter's guild building until additional troops from Etonia directed them to protect the town of Montsilt. Ardelis was the official leader, although he was out tracking goblins and gnolls while Jung got the group organized. Ardelis had left quite an impression on the woodsmen, farmers, and hunters as his arrows never seemed to miss their target. Rumors spread among the goblins, and they would run before Ardelis' Arrows started to fly.


In Montsilt, Ardelis appointed Jung to train the farmers and additional recruits. Samuel was a 13 year old boy rescued from a Mind Flayer. He took an interest in the Ardelis and began training with the arrows. Yvette and Jacques, twins that lived in Monsilt, daughter and son to a baker, were recruited. Sergio, a farmer who lost his home and family to Gnolls, was recruited when he came into the guard barracks in Montsilt looking to sign up. The latest member is Jenna, also a ranger, who had been searching for her sister.


Ardelis is the captain of the group. He was given that title from the Etonia Council after leading a squad of guards into battle near Mirasoon and assisting with the diplomatic mission to The Grove. Jung was given the title of lieutenant and has handled most of the operations the group has been assigned. Renwick acts as the quartermaster. He makes sure supplies and equipment are in top condition. Renwick is also the head of the Hunter's Guild. That job is assigned and paid by Etonia. After the appearance of Lavani, the group operated as her protectors and scouts and limited interaction with the Etonia Guard.


Every member of the group has grown up and hunted in the forest. They know the nooks and crannies, where every stream flows, and the patterns of the wildlife. They have sometimes hunted together in groups of 2 or 3 but are generally solitary. They are quick to just do what is needed and fill in gaps. They are scouts and warriors, all experts with the longbow.


The Hunter's Guild owns a 2 story building with a stable in Treir and has used it as a HQ for the Arrows. The Arrows are currently operating out of a tavern in Montsilt.


There was a shady group running a caravan from Montsilt to Etonia. They would sometimes stop at the guild hall asking about travelers and news. They were particularly interested in a merchant that came through town one day, after they saw him do some simple magic. Ardelis had been camped near the town and saw the group approach the merchant. It was clear they intended to not let the merchant leave unharmed.


Jung saw Ardelis call out to the caravan leader to find out what was going on. While Ardelis was talking another man with the caravan group approach Ardelis from behind and stabbed him. Ardelis immediately turned, returned the favor with his own dagger, and followed up with a brutal blow from his axe. The merchant nearly got away on his cart but just as he and his companions were being over taken, Ahli intervened and turned the tide.


Ahli had been working on the caravan and Jung knew Ahli lived in Montsilt. Jung grabbed his gear to help but the battle was soon over. The Hunter's Guild gave the merchant and Ahli rooms at the guild to recover that night. Ardelis had left the town not wanting to get involved further. As he left, he discovered gnolls and goblins in the forest around the town. He returned that evening with the dire news.


Ardelis agreed to be a guide for Ahli, the merchant, and the merchants companions to track down more goblins and investigate a wolf attack. Ahli encouraged Jung to gather the guild in case of further trouble. Ardelis, Ahli and the group returned with news not only of goblins but of an entire colony, an undead tree, and concern of a necromancer. Ahli told stories of Ardelis' one shot skill against the goblins. He talked about how the goblins were going to fear Ardelis' Arrows. That was when the idea for the group of rangers was born.

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