Toys are not recent inventions on Earth but they are recent as we talk about Christmas and Christmas Presents. The oldest toys, from the Indus valley civilization (3010–1500 BCE), include small carts, whistles shaped like birds, and toy monkeys that could slide down a string. Children also played with rocks and sticks. Another natural material as clay. Toys as Christmas presents weren’t used as until the nineteenth century in England.     However, Nicholas gave toys before they were popularized as Christmas gifts.  

Origin of Toys

In the Book of Ancient Prophecy, it states that Nicholas is a bringer of Hope and Wonder. It further goes on to say that his job (like many of the rest) is to “bring joy and hope to all children in this time of death and of destruction”.     Nicholas came to a Guardian and knew that his job was to help the children over a period in the year when not much could be done (least in the northern climates).     But since toys weren’t invented, many children got food and clothing. Things not creating joy. Children, before they were protected by laws and before they were allowed “free time”, did not truly play. It’s not that they had no creativity or imagination, but they couldn’t express it back then.     Nicholas knew this.     He wanted the opposite. He knew children needed to grow up but should be allowed to have something to help them through bad times. And eventually he knew that children would need to be occupied by things and not mothers and fathers.     First, he created teddy bears. Teddy bears were not directly toys yet but items for comfort in times of great emotional distress. Then other stuffed animals.     Then he started creating dolls and action figures, Bikes/Trikes, Sports Equipment, Games (board games and Jacks and similar games), Paint Sets and Artsy Stuff, Bouncy Balls, Puzzles, and Wooden Toys.     Having expanded his operation to eight kinds of toys, Nicholas knew he would have to expand and did so eventually making robots, trains, dolls with music and sounds, and other electronics.     Nicholas also eventually figured out which places celebrated Christmas, what their traditions were, and everything to know about that culture. In these circumstances, he gave the children other things besides toys. Whatever was appropriate in that culture, he did his best to follow it.  

Builders of Toys

You may be asking who builds the toys for St. Nicholas? And I might ask back, Who do you think, crazy brains? The Christmas Elves, of course! Christmas Elves had many other jobs. And yet, many know them as toymakers for Santa Claus (and he is one too).     Christmas Elves came from the ancient city of Heathdorei Allanar Shflenor. They had been builders of many things; houses, furniture, wheels and wagons, and many more. But toys were new to them. Although they weren’t too different in the beginning!  

Toy Process

Toys are made in the Santa's Toy Workshop and stored in Toy Storage Waystation Depot. If a toy is for a child, it goes over to Wrapping which ensures it is wrapped and ready to load into Santa’s Magic Sack.
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Jewelry / Valuable
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