Time is a precarious and complex notion used by sapient creatures to mark the passage of movement and changes. As such the way it is measured differs from one location to the next, and the Universe is a vast ocean of space. In order to help understand and communicate between Systems, and even the planets within the Systems, it became necessary to create a standardized measurement of time.  

Standard Time

  In order to make relaying important information in relation to time easier Standard Time was created using the creation of Ethiea, the earliest known event, as a starting point. From there it was agreed to use multiples of ten instead of the movement of any astral bodies to create the lengths of the Standard day and year. Each lasting ten hours and one thousand days respectively.   The Standard day further breaks down into ten hours consisting of one hundred minutes of one thousand seconds.  


  In order to help break down the time line of the Universe into manageable units Eras were implemented with the early days separated into three massive chunks based on the activity of Miltiades the Maker.  
  • Era One - Miltiades makes Ethiea, his first creation after making the Ancients, followed by Vah'Vahnet and the rest of the creatures of Ethiea
  • Era Two - Shortly after the wars between the First One Hundreds broke out Miltiades banished immortality from all his future creations and began to remove himself from an active role in Ethiea as he slowed down
  • Era Three - Miltiades falls entirely into a stasis like state cutting off all contact with the Universe and only communicating through vague messages in the form of visions and signs, he still has yet to wake from his slumber and over the many Eras has appeared to be sinking farther into himself becoming less and less responsive. At the start of Book One it has been many Eras since Miltiades has given any signs or attempted any kind of contact with the Peacekeepers and Lrucah
  Once Miltiades had gone dormant Eras were then based on major events that caused a massive change in the dynamics of the Universe, examples of this include the the formation of the Intergalactic Council of Peacekeepers, the building of the Spaceports, and most recently the Ethiean War.  

Denoting Time

  When writing down a date the largest unit of time, the Era, is written down first and marked with an 'e'. This is followed by the year, a period, and then the day.  
  This would then be read as the 11th Era, 12th year and 379th day  
It is important to note that when an Era ends the first day of the new Era is also the last day of the previous Era. Therefor the date would then be written as:


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