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Elder Vesan

Akin to all other Noble Whites, Elder Vesan—whose real name is long and unpronounceable by non-Xilxixians—is the first of the vesankinistatheru and the lone representative of Xilxixian. The first arakiniziirin, whom was the second representative, has been deceased for many eras, having met the same fate as countless unfortunate arakin.   Following Xilxixian's inclusion in the Intergalactic Alliance, Elder Vesan was ferried to and from Ethiea when summoned to the gathering of the Peacekeepers. In stark contrast to typical male vesankin, Elder Vesan's physical size eventually dwarfed that of even the largest predatory creatures on Xilxixian. Travel became cumbersome. He decided to remain on Ethiea and instead be given intel and occasional food parcels via arakin couriers.   Elder Vesan spends his days in self-made burrows or within the network of subterranean tunnel systems deep below the surface of the Thousand Year Grotto. There are plenty of trapped demons—remnants of the recently concluded Ethiean War—to sate his appetite. He rarely surfaces for anything other than his agents.   Much too large to enter the Council Chamber, Elder Vesan employs his ability to "hear" the proceedings through vibrations. In turn, he responds to questions in his mother language, Xilxixi, which projects quite well into the large cavern from beneath the ground. Yes or no questions are replied to with respective, and easily distinguishable, vocalizations. Anything more requires a translator. Elder Vesan is otherwise capable of speaking Common but has few applications for it.   Shortly before the war began, and up until recently, Elder Vesan had lain dormant while undergoing a years-long molt. He appears in the first chapter of Book One: Soulstones.  
Current Status
Burrowed somewhere beneath the Thousand Year Grotto
Currently Held Titles


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