Mapvember 2022

Work in progress!
Slightly NSFW!
Maps made by Tillerz using DungeonAlchemist.   10 keywords used on 7 maps.  
1. Undead (24), Crystal (19)
2. Egg (20)
3. Cemetery (10), Sand (26)
4. Abandoned (24), Ruins (12)
5. Shield (5)
6. Demon (25)
7. The Hut of Nebula the Witch (16)
by Tillerz using Dungeon Alchemist


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Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
7 Nov, 2022 16:46

This is some absolutely amazing work bud - what are you using to make the maps and the visuals for the maps?

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7 Nov, 2022 20:38

First line of the article say it. "Maps made by Tillerz using DungeonAlchemist." :-)

Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
8 Nov, 2022 03:01

Wait ... the visuals are ALSO dungeon alchemist? :O

Join me, become a Sky Pirate in the world of Lyra!

8 Nov, 2022 11:37

Yes, it's all 3d and you can fly-cam through the things. :)

Master Mardrena
Mardrena Lockehart
29 Nov, 2022 16:39

Cool! Dungeon Alchy! I seen this featured maybe it'll be my Christmas present to myself.

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