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Episode 03: Aftermath

General Summary

After returning to the camp, the team settles the freed captives and beds down for an evening which passes without incident.   Early the next morning the team discusses at length the priorities and options. Cille wants to cross the 100s of miles of mountains and lead the captives to Fengáriopolis. The rest of the group discounts that idea after discussing the challenges. The group is now faced with a decision to go North, around the tip of Vóreio nisí and below Maelstrom; or to go South against the strong northerly currents. After 30 minutes of discussion the group decides to go south, over the protests of Ianthe who seeks to get to Fengáriopolis as quickly as possible.   Unsettled, but needing to make progress, the group of students and their rescued sailors head back to the Xifia for the journey south. The journey passes largely without incident, but just as the last group is reaching the beach, disaster strikes.  


  Coming over the horizon, six giant crabs come scrambling over the rocks to attack. Cille Flokisdottir begins by casting a spell of sleep across four of the crabs while the rest of the party engages the remaining two. Just as the combat begins to go in favor of the students, a huge crab emerges from underneath the sand to flank them.   Mangnus continues to engage the two remaining smaller crabs, with a thunderous smite! Unfortunately this awoke the remaining crabs. Vulcan steps out to support, and engages wtih his two blades and his sidekick. Together they finish off the smaller (and now more numerous) enemies.   The battle goes worse with the giant crab and the women. The group continues to hack away at the armored monstrosity, but making little progress. Cille unleashes a burst of thunderous magic which does more damage to her companions than to the huge crab. After taking several more hits from the crab's claws and being thrown prone, both Ianthe and Kallisto are rendered unconscious. Cille revives the two and Ianthe unleashes a blast of energy which lifts the huge crab, only to have it collapse on top of the prone combatants, pinning them. Otlyn finally lands the killing blow.   After the battle is finished, the group loads the remaining rescued sailors onto the Xifia and briefs the ships officers.  

Briefing the Command

  The team updates the ships officers with the events of the cave, and the fate of the Meletitís Family (Astériapólis). The ship is ordered to prepare for sail and the long journey against the trade winds and the current to the south.   Just prior to setting sail, several of the officers return to the group approximately 30m later, to express their dilema between the duty to protect Drákon citizens and alert others to the treachery as quickly as possible, versus their obligation to the safe return of the rescued crew.  

Ianthe's Plea (aka The Great Persuasion Roll of 2020)

  Wherein Ianthe roles a ridiculous contested persuasion role   Magnus becomes aware of the duty to protect the citizen captured and that while getting the sailors to safety is critical, any decision to go south would put Phlios at risk.   Cille begins to become enamoured with the glory of being the first to shoot the Dragon's Maw this time of year.   With the group now in agreement, Ianthe steps out with the support of the students to prepare the crew for the journey north.   Wherein Ianthe roles an even more ridiculous (35!) persuasion role.

Rewards Granted

Lots of steamed crab.
Cille Thalasopoúlou
Magnus Oddsson
Vulcan Kendall
Otlyn Venúék
Report Date
05 Apr 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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