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Constitution of Astériapólis

The constitution of Asteriápolis is the prototype for the constitutions of every major city-state in the Drákon League.


The constitution of Asteriápolis provides the structure of the city-state's government, identifies the classes of citizen and non-citizens for the purposes of the law, defines the frequency and structure of elections, and basic human rights.

Document Structure


  1. Definitions of Status and Class
  2. Offices / Government Structure and Elections
  3. Rights

Publication Status

The document is publicly available, and a permenant copy is carved on moonstone in the city centre.

Historical Details


Until the most recent constitution, the Areopagus administered the greater and most important part of the government of the state, and inflicted personal punishments and fines summarily upon all who misbehaved themselves. This was the natural consequence of the facts that the Archons were elected under qualifications of birth and wealth, and that the Areopagus was composed of those who had served as Archons; for which latter reason the membership of the Areopagus is the only office which has continued to be a life-magistracy to the present day. Recent changes have made it a largely ceremonial post. Since the most recent constitution, severla of these responsibilities have been delegated to the more numerous Archon and official roles.


While largely viewed as a democratic triumph, it has cemented the limited ranks of citizenship and led to the increase in the ranks of residents and slaves along with the social inequality associated with this lack of balance.
Decree, Governmental
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