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Archon, or ruler, is a title afforded to public officials elected by the Drákon League Assembly.


There are up to 8 appointed archons at any given point in time. The three primary include:   The area of an archon's jurisdiction was called an Archontia. The title was also used for the holders of several financial posts, such as the head of the mint (ἄρχων τῆς χαραγῆς), as well as directors of the imperial workshops, arsenals, etc.  


The 'leading' archon of a city-state. Defacto head-of-state. The Hēgemōn also takes care of orphans and wards of the state.  


The senior military title in the city-state, and responsible for the navy and disposition of troops outside of the city-state. Also resopnsible for coordination with the Strategos in defense of the city.  


The strategos is the commander of the defense of the city-state in times of war, and responsible for the administration and provision of troops during times of peace.  


Responsible for the treasury, taxation and allocation of funds to the other archons.  


The king ruler, or justice minister, is responsible for taking care of prisoners in the state goal, and responsible for charging and prosecuting the charges in front of juries from the Assembly. The justice ministers also employ arbitrators who can address cases where the amount at issue does not exceed ten Drachma. The Rávdoi report to the Justice minister.  


The market commissioner is responsible for ensuring articles offered for sale are pure and unadulterated. They also confirm that sellers use fair weights and measures. The market commissioner also ensures that foods are offered for sale at reasonable prices, and that the food reserves of the city are maintained. The commissioners of roads also report to the Agoranomi.  


The primary patron for the arts. Includes financing and fundraising, as well as organization and maintenance of public areas for performances. The Athlothetae also report to the Choregos.  


Responsible for public worship, including festivals, across the city state. The head of the Association of Drákon Shrines usually holds this role. This role is supported by commissioners for the repair of shrines, as well as organizers for festivals.
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