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Association of Drákon Shrines

An organization formed amongst the many major and minor shrines across the Drákon League. The association has worked to encourage spiritual rituals, promote the respect and prosperity of shrines and support the continuity of @drakon culture and traditions.


The administrative structure includes the main office in Asteriápolis and branch offices in each of the other Drákon League city-states. The leadership includes the head priestess of each of the major shrones, and a nominated secretary for administrative affairs (including negotiation of tax-relief within the major city-states).

Public Agenda

The group is focused on preserving the ancient spiritual beliefs believed to predate the younger races of Zihæt. While not promoting any particular spirit, the organization has long held reverence to the ancient beasts and the major elemental spirits to be preeminent.   The primary activities include dissemination of spiritual beliefs, promotion and organization of festivals and rituals, and building and maintaining financial support for shrines throughout the Dragonshome Islands.


The organisation was created in response to the decline in spiritual activities with the focus on the three moons associated with founding of the Akadimía, the more recent secular bent to society and politics, and the newly evangelical religion of the Holy Empire of Humanité.
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