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Across the sprawling meadows and misty valleys of Lorthwyn, whispers carry tales of the Maminae, fae sheep whose wool blooms with a kaleidoscope of flowers. They graze in the tranquil pastures, their mischievous nature and elusive ways inspiring both awe and frustration among those who yearn to witness their enchanting displays firsthand.
A mischievous and enchanting species of fae sheep with a unique ability to bring the beauty of nature wherever they roam.
  In the lush dales and verdant pastures of Lorthwyn, the Maminae thrives as a remarkable species of fae sheep, captivating both locals and visitors alike. Standing out with its fluffy, woolen coat, the Maminae possesses a unique trait that sets it apart from ordinary sheep. From its luxuriant fleece, a plethora of vibrant flowers and delicate plants sprout, creating a stunning display of natural beauty.  
The Maminae are both enchanting and challenging creatures to care for. Possessing a remarkable ability to navigate and overcome obstacles, effortlessly scaling fences, walls, and rocky outcrops. Their penchant for exploration and desire for greener pastures often leads them to wander far and wide, much to the frustration of caretakers. Not only are they physically agile, but the Maminae also exhibit a curious and inquisitive nature. They are drawn to peculiar objects and have a penchant for sampling items with their ever-chomping jaws. Unattended tools, buckets, and clothing become subjects of their playful investigations, often resulting in chewed, trampled, or mysteriously relocated items.
by Anithecutie
Ya see them critters over yonder? Those be the Maminae, them fae sheep from the Isles. Fanciful creatures they are, with wool that flowers like a bloomin' garden. A sight to behold, I tell ya.
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Behaviour and Ecology

One intriguing behavior of the Maminae is their affinity for rolling around in dirt and mud. While primarily a means of cooling off, this behavior unintentionally contributes to the enchanting phenomenon associated with their wool. Soil and seedlings become entangled within the dense fibers, nurturing the growth of various blossoms. As the Maminae enter their rutting season, the flowers burst forth, transforming their woolly exteriors into living patches of walking gardens. This remarkable display has become a vital part of the mating ritual, with males actively cultivating and showcasing the most impressive floral arrangements to attract a mate.  
Maminae Ram in Bloom
Maminae Ram in Bloom by Jananjuda
During the rutting season, male Maminae engage in fierce competitions to win the favor of females. Their physical displays of strength and prowess are enhanced by the vibrant floral spectacle adorning their wool. The more extravagant and flourishing their displays become, the more likely they are to attract a mate. Unfortunately, this remarkable display also exposes males to rivalry and sabotage. Jealous competitors may attempt to undermine each other's chances by engaging in aggressive duels, striving to rip out flowers from their opponents, rendering them visually less appealing to female Maminae.
Over the course of many decades, the Maminae's association between flowering wool and successful breeding has solidified. It has become an integral aspect of their evolution, shaping the males' pursuit of the most exquisite displays. The extraordinary sight of Maminae during their rutting season, adorned with colorful flowers growing from their wool, has become an emblematic symbol of Lorthwyn's natural wonders and the fascinating interplay between fauna and flora in this enchanting land.

by Anithecutie
The Maminae, crafty and alluring creatures, roam the dales of Lorthwyn with mischief in their hearts and flowers in their wool. Aye, their escapades may bewitch the unwary, but 'tis their intricate social dance that reveals the true enigma behind their fae nature.
Lucien of Cynwall, Professional Monster Hunter

Social Interaction

Within a herd of Maminae, a sense of community and hierarchy prevails. Dominance hierarchies form among both males and females, established through displays of physical prowess, such as head-butting contests and elaborate posturing. These interactions determine the pecking order, mating opportunities, and resource access. Communication among Maminae combines vocalizations and body language. They have distinct vocal cues ranging from gentle bleats to assertive calls, conveying warnings, invitations, and expressions of contentment or distress. Body postures, such as raised heads or lowered stances, communicate dominance, submission, or alertness.  
Social grooming is essential for the Maminae's social bonding. Mutual grooming, involving the use of teeth and lips to clean each other's wool, promotes hygiene, removes debris, and strengthens social cohesion within the herd. These grooming sessions also facilitate playful interactions, nuzzling, and even gentle head-butting as affectionate roughhousing. Mothers exhibit strong maternal instincts, remaining vigilant and protective of their lambs, engaging in nurturing behaviors like licking and grooming to ensure their well-being and promote social integration. Young lambs learn social cues and behaviors by observing and interacting with their mothers and other herd members.
The Maminae, those woolly imps of Evalaw, with their cursed flowering wool and vexing escapades, are said to possess an uncanny ability to bewitch the hearts of unwary travelers and lead them astray amidst the labyrinthine meadows.
— The Venerable Teague's Codex of Beasts and Beings, 3rd edition.
  In the presence of unfamiliar individuals or potential threats, Maminae demonstrate a collective response. They form tight-knit groups, standing shoulder to shoulder, displaying a united front. This behavior serves as protection and a visual deterrent, signaling to predators or intruders that they are a formidable force. The intricate and multifaceted social interactions of the Maminae reflect their fae nature and the strong bonds within their herds, contributing to their captivating presence in the dales and pastures of Lorthwyn.
Scientific Name
11 to 13 years
Average Height
Male: 80 cm | 31.5"
Female: 74 cm | 29"
Average Weight
Male: 125 kg | 275.5 lbs
Female: 88 kg | 194 lbs
Geographic Distribution
Natural Predators


Attempts to introduce the Maminae to foreign lands have been met with disastrous results. Without the delicate ecosystem and the watchful eyes of the Aelfier, the mischievous tendencies of the Maminae run rampant. They wreak havoc on farmlands, gardens, and delicate landscapes, leaving chaos and destruction in their wake. Their escapades become a constant source of frustration and bewilderment for farmers ill-prepared to handle their playful antics, resulting in many unsuccessful attempts to domesticate them outside of Lorthwyn.   In Lorthwyn, the Maminae's mischievous nature is regarded as a charming aspect of their character, an inherent part of their fae heritage. Aelfier farmers have learned to adapt to their escapades, employing clever strategies and fortified enclosures to contain these elusive creatures. The delicate balance of patience, understanding, and respect for their mischievous tendencies allows the Aelfier to forge a unique bond with the Maminae, turning the challenges into a rewarding experience that enhances their connection to the magical world they inhabit.  


Upon the isles of Lorthwyn, legends tell that Maminae wool holds the touch of the fae realm itself. It is said that if one were to weave a garment from the flowers blooming in their wool, the wearer would be blessed with extraordinary luck, protection, and a deep connection to magic. Naturally, many outsiders who have herd such tales have embarked on quests to obtain a single strand of Maminae wool, believing it to hold the key to unlocking hidden secrets.
  In a more somber tale, it is said that the Maminae's flowering wool holds the memories of lost loved ones. When a cherished member of their flock passes away, the Maminae gather around the fallen companion and their wool blooms with delicate flowers. Each blossom is said to represent a fragment of the departed spirit, forever intertwined with the living tapestry of the Maminae. It is a poignant reminder of the cyclical nature of life and the enduring connection between the fae and mortal realms.

Maminae Maintance

  Tending to the mischievous Maminae is no small feat. These fae creatures require a special touch and a generous dose of patience. A Maminae shepherd must possess a keen eye for escapades and a willingness to chase after these woolly troublemakers before they can scale fences, trample through gardens, and leave a trail of chaos and sobbing botanists in their wake.
  Maintaining the Maminae herd is a delicate dance of coaxing and cajoling. It involves not only the art of herding, but also the art of negotiation. A shepherd must engage in a lively banter with the wayward creatures, employing a mix of stern warnings, gentle persuasion, and the occasional bribe of their favourite treats, such as juicy apples or savoury grass. Shearing the Maminae's wool is a daring endeavour, as their notorious antics turn the act into a whirlwind of flailing limbs, flying flower petals, and the occasional sneeze of frustration. Even with the most skilled shepherd, the Maminae's mischievous nature can often defy all attempts at control, leaving the shepherd muttering curses and laughing in equal measure.


Maminae Ram by meillyria
Maminae Ewe by meillyria

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