The garden that burned The Realm Migration

The Realm Migration

Life, Relocation


Brief Overview

Eden quaked as a hole opened in the depths of Mt.Mordu and a new race called the Fae swarmed out from the The Fayde.
This caused An immediate issue with the Dwarven people who were already settled there and had always inhabited the mountains. The Dwarves forced the Fae to relocate, almost starting a war in the process, and then boarded off the door the Fae entered through in fear the Faeward goddess Oma would come seeking her people.


General Overview

The Fae wandered Birtham aimlessly until they reached the favored forest of the goddess Myamya, where they founded Fyorah in their newly named, Faewilds (due to historical events, the Faewilds are now called The Forest of Silence).

The Fae who beforehand were only illusions made by the hand of the Goddess of illusions, Oma, gained the favor of the Pair. Two Naturan deities who were willing to assist them. The gods together created a disease that could afflict the Fae so that when they crossed through the portal into Eden they would have something real tethering them to the mortal realm instead of simply disappearing as the illusions they were. This in part is what made the Fae become real and escape their tyrannical goddess.
After they escaped the The Fayde, the goddess Myamya gifted each individual Faeling a seed to grow, promising that they would truly be real once the curious seed had sprouted. They planted their seeds and were delighted to find that on the next morning each seed had become a tree-like animal in the form of weaved branches and vines. Each Faes plant resembled a different animal of that time period, the one they most related to in spirit. The Fae called these creatures "Spriggan" and understood that they were their living tether to Eden, and the only thing keeping them from fading back into illusions.
Myamya transferred the disease from all Fae into only one so the rest could start their lives anew. Most Fae immediately abandoned their Faeward Faith and began their worship of the Pair, Myamya and Irde. Loyalty to The Path of Natura spread through Fyorah like wildfire and they followed its practices all throughout the day, however, at night they continued to worship Oma from afar without ever speaking her name.
Though, instead of praying for Omas grace they, pray that she remains content locked in the Fayde. Each hoping that she never surfaces again to reclaim them.

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