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The Fayde

Written by TailorOfFates

Brief Overview 

The Fayde is an illusory realm that sits parallel to Eden, and yet it remains unseen. It is known to be ruled by Oma, goddess of illusions, and it is one of the most feared realms in existence. On the ground level everything appears to have been grown upside down or in an abnormal manner, however, the "sky" above is a mirrored reflection of Eden and no matter how hard the people within try to grasp or fly toward it, it's always just out of reach.

General Overview

The Fayde gains its name and reputation from the effects it has on the creatures who enter. People who decide that the stories are hearsay enter the Fayde and immediately begin to feel the effects.
First they will hear the whispers, echoes of lost souls that have faded into illusions, or illusory Fae that were never able to escape Omas grasp. They'll start as a quiet murmur, but gradually they'll begin to get louder and their features will become more prominent. This is a bad sign. The more real the whispers appear, the more the person brave enough to enter the Fayde risks fading. This is a sign that the mental stability of the person is faltering, being the first telltale sign that they are beginning to have trouble discerning what is real, and what is not. Finally, Oma will take notice as the body of the person will have faded enough for their soul to shine through, acting as a beacon to her. This is when she will trick, bribe, or break their soul from them in order to keep it for herself as power. Their body will fade entirely, and she will release the helpless soul back into the Fayde, trapped in her playground.
"Enter only if you dare. For all is lost, even your prayers. The whispers will echo into your sleep, and beckon you kindly to Illios keep. Louder they'll whisper, until you've forgot... The difference between what's real, and what's not. She'll take your soul to keep and to play, as you and your body are forever to Fayde."
-Forever to Fayde, as sung by Faeward children
The Fae people are terrified of their Faeward goddess, Oma. So much so, that they don't even have her name included in their language, Faeyn. After the Fae had escaped The Fayde during the The Realm Migration, they decided that to be safe they would still worship her each night to appease her, however, they would never say her name in fear of revealing to her their location. Most Fae will outright refuse to enter the Fayde, knowing that within its borders Oma reigns supreme. Most mortals, however, are not always so wise...


The terrain appears to be a tattered mirror location of Eden where everything is grown wrong. There are no people, only ghostly silhouettes of those who faded into illusions, and the occasional soul of an incredibly magical Fayde-touched caster. Where there should be ocean there is sky instead, and vice versa. This causes the rainfall to always be salt water. The only thing that exists in the Fayde that does not exist in Eden as well is Illios Keep. A massive fortress built with reble stone brick with insides that are rumored to be made up of nothing but stairs.
Art by susannp4 - Susann Mielke


The ecosystem of the Fayde is virtually non-existent as its an illusory realm and designed to fade all who enter it into the same, an illusion. It does, however, seem to mirror the seasons of Eden. They only time the flora and fauna of the Fayde technically exist are when you start to believe they're real, or you yourself have turned into an illusion. By that point, can you really say they exist?

Ecosystem Cycles

The only distinguishable differences as the seasons pass are the changing of the leaves colors between Sprig, Summra, Autum, and the snow and ice that form in Wintur.

Localized Phenomena

Everything existing in the Fayde is an illusion, meaning at any time the entire realm can bend and react to Omas will.

Fauna & Flora

Any plants or creatures that were once here no longer exist, at least not physically. Any poor beasts that strayed into the Fayde starved to death while trying to eat illusory plants or prey. Since they died in the Fayde, their souls stayed trapped within Omas realm as newfound illusions. More pets for her to play with.

Natural Resources

The Fayde has no natural resources itself, however, it has been discovered that when objects are brought into the Fayde and then brought back out again they gain a magical property that the Fae people call "Fayde touched." This imbues the item with unique magical properties.
Alternative Name(s)
The Illusory Realm, Omas Playground
Dimensional plane
Ruling/Owning Rank
Inhabiting Species

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