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Abyssal god (a.k.a. The Abyssal overlord)

Brief Overview

The primordial god of darkness, He eventually slayed the god Felvar and devoured the spark of fear. Absolum is known through the realms for his apathy, only finding joy in the negative energies projected by lesser beings. These could be the obvious negatives like fear, pain, or sorrow, but this also includes energy projected by anger, hatred, despair, etc...


General Overview

In the days before light, space, and time, Absolum expanded throughout all that was, and all that wasn't. He had unlimited power and no corner of the nothingness was out of his reach, that is, until the big bang. When Patre Omina and the God of Silence, Sylus, battled for the first sound Absolum chose to ally with Sylus. When they ultimately lost that battle, the pantheon of newly created deities agreed that both Absolum and Sylus were too dangerous and needed to be bound to their realms. Absolum was sent to the realm of the Abyss, and Sylus was sent to the only realm where nothing still existed.
To this day, Absolum is the only god that hasn't joined the The Deorum Pantheon as he still refuses to play by their rules.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Absolum is a literal cloud of magical darkness. Nothing is known to be able to light any space he occupies.

Special abilities

  • Absolum can grow and shrink to fit any space he wishes.
  • Unless Lumina is present no light, magical or otherwise, is able to penetrate his darkness and can be snuffed out by Absolum as simply as a wave of the hand.
  • Being an old god, he is able to bless his devout with divine body modifications and a magical prowess unrivalled with so much as a shadow in the room.
  • Absloum can enter the body of a mortal for a limited time but this normally proves fatal for whomever he's worn so he avoids his disciples for this ability.
  • If anyone walks within his darkness they end up walking right into his realm, doomed to eternally wander in an endless dark.

Apparel & Accessories

It is rumoured that a host of divine and magical artifacts are strewn about, suspended within the darkness that is Absolum. The problem is, anyone who's walked into him has never walked back out.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He's referenced several times by other deities, but most of his actions are said to take place within the shadows. The only written historical event with an account of Absolum happened the 13th of Twi, -663 BN. The day the dark consumed fear. The one and only time Absolum "stepped" foot on Eden he left a permanent mark upon its surface. This event was so prominent in its time that for the next two generations there was an unusual spike in mortals converting to Absolums faith, the The Abyssal Order. There is even a passage written in a book based on their religion which directly references the event.
And so, Absolum arose from the Mouth. Seething out, he slithered in silence. Implying only that we bare witness, as the darkness devoured our fears before us. During the brightest of dawns darkness reined over Lagomous, and to this day it has so remained.
Though now he has left us, still his shadow suppresses the light. A static darkness in day and yet of night.
Our entry granted us freedom from the weight of sanity, assisting in forbearing our fears...
Thus Instilling in mortality the resolution to stand against the most severe.
- Omissions of the Ominous. Written by Duncun Helx.

Gender Identity

He sees men as the dominant gender, so he perceives himself as male.


Absolum was never formally educated, however, he can see anything that his darkness touches. This allows him to watch and learn from anything capable of projecting a shadow.

Personality Characteristics


Absolums main motivation is, and always has been to find a physical shell that's capable of containing him. He believes that if he were able to cram his entire expanse of darkness inside a compact form all of his power would be at his fingertips instead of spread across a large radius. For centuries he's been trying to achieve this goal, however, due to his power and apathetic disposition the gods of the Deorum Pantheon have been actively working against him.

Vices & Personality flaws

Absolum is addicted to eating dark flowers. They eat him, he eats them to return what they took from him and more.
Chaotic evil
Current Status
Seeking a physical form.
Current Location
Date of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Absolum no longer remembers when he came to be, but he implies its before the universe began.
Other, but he is referred to as male.
A magical darkness
Absolum expands to fit all unoccupied space.
Nothing. he is a manifestation of darkness.
He believes only in himself
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Absolum can speak all known languages in any plane of existence, however, he can only write in Abyssal.
Ruled Locations


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