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Station cuisine

Mmm, yeah. I like the food here. I don't have to cook much, either. Which is nice. 'cuz cooking for yourself is a hassle
The base of Station cuisine is Pipika meat and eggs, the Silver Drop plant that is used as a spice, a herb and a tea, pickled vegetables, jam and several other common herbs and spices. There is a lot of soups and broths with dumplings as side dishes.  


When the Dragons settled into The Station the only food they had to eat was the preserved food that original inhabitants had left behind before they disappeared several hundred years ago. Luckily the old inhabitants had been several millions of people while the dragons were only bunch of hundreds. They had several years before they would run out of food. Sadly they only had canned food, hot water and tea. This was their food until they managed to settle on Areu and procure fresh meat and eggs. Spicy grilled Pipika meat and eggs then became a staple part of Station dishes.   With the influence from visitors of Rant and Onnesso There are also now a lot of grilled and cooked spicy fish and cattle meat dishes.  

The food

Now around 40% of the food materials are imported from Areu while the other 60% is imported from other planets. Mainly Rant at 20% and Onnesso at 9%.   From Areu Pipika, meat and eggs, as well as plants, vegetables, and berries, are imported. From Rant cattle meat is imported as well as vegetables and berries. From Onnesso fish and noodles is imported.  


A Station meal usually consists of tea throughout the entire meal or soda/beer at the beginning of the meal and tea at the end of the meal together with the dessert.   A meal starts with a soup or broth with a dumpling in it. This soup is usually in a cup/bowl the same size as the tea and it's eaten by sipping on it and the dumpling is poured into the mouth and chewed.   The main dish which is usually Pipika and vegetables. In modern times the vegetables is usually exchanged for any kind of noodles. This is also eaten out of a larger bowl with a spork or the mouth.   The dessert is a bread with jam inside it. This is most often eaten together with tea. Only dessert is also eaten several times a day together with friends. This is called "tea time".   Breakfast is usually only soup with dumplings and lunch is only the main dish.  

Food courts

Many apartments in The Station are small, and so are the kitchens, which means that people mostly prefer to eat out. There are many food courts at The Station. Many of these food stalls offer traditional Station cuisine, but many new exciting food stalls have also arrived.


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