Secret Love

Hey everyone, have you heard about this awesome Real Person fanfic called "Secret Love" on FanFictionHub (A fanfic archive on The Station's local Internet), It's seriously lit! So, get this, it's all about Merrin, the super cool DJ/Keyboardist from the band Voltage Verve, and Jozean, The Speaker from The Station (OMG!). The story kicks off at this fancy gala where Merrin and Jozean first meet, and sparks fly instantly. But here's the catch – they gotta keep their romance hush-hush because, you know, celeb life ain't easy. But wait, it gets even better! The author, Eiael, who's just 13 (a Dragon btw, paints these epic scenes of their secret meetups in such detail, it's like you're right there with them. And trust me, there are some serious heart-pounding moments! Of course, no good romance is without its fair share of drama, right? Just when you think Merrin and Jozean are gonna live happily ever after, bam! The public finds out, and things get crazy. Misunderstandings, tension, you name it – it's all there. But fear not! Our dynamic duo faces the challenges head-on and proves that love conquers all. After a rollercoaster ride of emotions, they patch things up and ride off into the sunset, together forever. So, if you're into swoon-worthy romance, juicy drama, and a sprinkle of magic, "Secret Love" is a must-read. Trust me, you won't be able to put it down!  
Merrin is reportedly amused by people writing fan fics about them and so is Jozean. Jozean reads a lot of fanfics and has actually read this one. Merrin and Jozean has never met in real life but Jozean wouldn't mind. Merrin doesn't really read fanfics but their friends have mentioned this fanfic.
by Cover made by Eiael


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