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Electric leylines

What do you mean you don't see them? Everyone does. Can't you at least feel them?
— A Dragon inhabitant to a visitor from another planet
Electric leyline is a misnomer used by the majority of the inhabitants of The Station and the planet of Areu. While the leylines and electricity are similar, they are not the same thing.   Electricity has to be produced by converting mechanical energy to electrical energy in power plants. Leylines are natrually produced by the planet of Areu and the energy in them can be used similarly to electricity.  

Neon rivers

There are leylines flowing like small rivers along side main walkways in The Station. These artificial rivers were created by the engineers that created the The Station over 3000 years ago and everyone who has magick senses can see them.  


The energy from the leylines are used to power the entire Station and the leylines are funneled through space from the planet. 3000 years ago there were people who believed that the construction of The Station would destroy the planet. The Dragons have found many books about the subject. However, the Destruction of Areu and the disapperance of the inhabitants of The Station does not seem connected to the use of the leylines as the leylines both on the planet and in The Station are as strong as ever.


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