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Bog Cargo Ships

Oh, it's from Bog, that's great. I like those ships. They are well built and easy to handle.
— A dockhand
These Cargo ships are created on the planet of Bog and they are popular for transporting cargo across the entire universe by the companies that buy them from the manufacturer.  


The original designer of these ships was working for a manufacturing company around 1008 years ago. This company used to create military airships for their country and other countries that could pay for them. But when the planet was introduced to life in space, the then young designer of the military ships started creating designs for spaceships. The owner of the company stole those designs and started producing them. The companies who currently buy these ships knows that the manufacturer used to be shady in the beginning, but they they don't think that they are now. Besides, the ships are good and cost efficient.   There are other cargo ships, but these are currently the most popular ones, and the transport company Cometway use only these cargo ships. They have a good contract with the manufacturer.
Moon Industries
2019 to present
Around 10 people
80 ton


The cargo ships are used to travel the universe and as such they have good defenses and an AI interface that warns of dangers. It also has a very modern and top of the line communications system and two small emergency vessels for the crew in case of something unforeseen happening. The companies who purchase these ships can get a lot of extra tools installed if they pay for it. The ships have good space for most of the available tools.  


The ships are sleek, and their colors depend on the company that buys them. The manufacturer will custom paint the ships for the companies. Their biggest client, Cometway, orders them in black with the large logo on both sides of the rectangular ship. The interior is black and grey.


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