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Artist Palette

This item? Well, it's the palette of the painter who painted that painting over there. No, I don't have much more information about it. Sorry.
This item sits together with other nicknacks on a table in the store Grim's Curiosities. It's the palette that the artist Aderi'Marient used when they were painting The Chaos Painting. A painting that can still be purchased from the same store. This palette is a regular one, full of several layers of different oil paints. Similar palettes but empty of the dried oil paints can be purchased from an art store down the road. The artist might still be famous on their home planet, Rant, but they are not famous on The Station .  


Not much is known about this palette, and many visitors to the store wonder why it is even there. The only thing unique about it is the paints and the placements of them. If Grim is asked about the palette, he will only shrug and say that somebody might want to buy it.


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