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The Chaos Painting

The subject of the painting? ...well. What do you see?
  This painting hangs on a wall in the store of Grim's Curiosities together with a couple of other paintings. It's 65cm tall and 54 cm wide. It's an oil painting with a cacophony of colors. The subject of the painting? Well... apparently, different people perceive different subjects.  


The artist of this painting, Aderi'Marient was a famous painter who lived and worked on the planet of Rant. This painting was created around 157 years ago when the painter was 37 years old. It is not established if the painter became crazy while creating this painting or if they were already crazy before this painting. What is known is that they were admitted to an insane asylum after the creation of this painting.   If prompted, Grim will say something along the lines of: "No, I don't think that they were crazy. It's a pretty harmful it not? A person's mental health shouldn't be viewed with disdain."


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