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Truthspeaker's Ring

The Truthspeaker's Ring is an enchanted gold ring that enables the wearer to only speak the truth. There are only five recorded rings known to be in existence across Melior at this time, and almost all of them are owned by rulers and great leaders.   It is a great symbol of power and trust, and is only displayed in times of great need.  

Common Uses

Speaking the Truth
The ring is commonly worn by royalty, particularly during ceremonial speeches and weddings, so that all will know that the wearer is speaking the truth. Other cultures use the ring for justice and force convicted criminals to wear it during judgement so they can speak a confession.   The ring must be worn and have contact with the body. Wearing it on a necklace will not bind the ring as it requires a direct connection to the inside of the band.
Negative Effects
Whilst wearing the ring, you really can speak only the truth. This can cause severe consequences if the speaker does not choose their responses carefully. A ruler may speak their true mind about the opinion of another leader's appearance, or may accidentally admit to knowing dark secrets that should have been kept behind closed doors.   The ring cannot cause the wearer to spew forth their secrets, but it will forcefully stop the tongue from lying. Many a fool has tried to simply shake their head for yes or no responses to avoid this, but any wise being should press for a verbal answer whenever someone wears the ring.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Only five are known to be in existence across Melior.
Raw materials & Components
Solid gold.
Related Myths
Manufacturing Process
The process for creating a Truthspeaker's Ring has been lost to the ages.

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