The Copper Owl

A rowdy bar in the capital city of Garronay, well known for its strong drinks and stronger patrons.

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If you're looking for drinks as strong as the patrons who practically live there, look no further than The Copper Owl.
  The Copper Owl is a rowdy bar in the dusty streets of Fentrus, the capital city of Garronay. It's well known for serving incredibly strong drinks and cocktails that many folks use as an alcohol-fuelled rite of passage in holidays and personal celebrations.   It has one of the most ornate signs in the district - it has perfectly gilded lettering on the wooden sign and there's a large copper owl with spread wings coming in to land upon the top of it. The copper patina gives tinges of vibrant verdigris to its feathers that make it look like it came from some exotic tropical paradise.   The bar has no hired guard - the regular patrons make sure of no nonsense and treat the establishment as their family home. Anyone trying any shady business is dealt with by sheer intimidating presence (or force, in the rare occasion that doesn't work).  
Everyone knows everyone and honesty buys you a plate of hot food. You pay for your drink and spill your secrets, not the other way around.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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