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An exhilarating, dangerous, and illegal sport.

The idle hands within the city of Bradstowe have taken to a young man's sport called roof-running. The activity involves running, climbing and jumping on the unexplored rooftops of the city that often involve games of chase and scores based on technical skill and danger.   This trendy new evening game is incredibly dangerous, and many children have fallen to their deaths in attempts to jump between the slippery rooftops. The age range of roof-runners is usually between 8-15 year olds, though some older teens and adults take part too if they are unemployed.  
OY SPREAD AND DOWN! SPREAD AND DOWN, THEY'RE COMING UP! We'll have to do a blind run, there's five of 'em!
  The sport has become increasingly popular in The Isles of Orlend as the city guards are not permitted to pursue the roof-runners up into the heights of the city. They can try to catch them if there are safe stairways or ladders leading up to the rooftops, but may not climb or jump to arrest them. This has lead to the extreme sport of outrunning the law, avoiding capture, avoiding death falls and flying like crows in the sunset.   The youth of the city argue that it gives them life skills, physical strength and keeps them out of drink, drugs and fighting. The upper class and law abiding citizens of Orlend wholeheartedly disagree, calling it a chaotic pastime that promotes trespassing, terrorism and burglary.  

Roof-Running Slang

Slang Meaning
Shit-slip When you take off from a ledge but your foot slips on bird poo.
Spread & down! When the guards or trouble comes, scatter the members of the group in all directions and head down to street level.
Stick When you land on a ledge with both feet and cease the momentum, making it look like you stuck to it.
Blind run Taking a chance, trusting your skill and running head first through the rooftops without scouting ahead first.
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