The hardest workers of them all.

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  Proletariats are manual labourers and hard workers. They work the roughest jobs for the smallest pay, but it’s enough to get by and have a good meal at the end of the day.  

A House in Bradstowe


Hard work is their life. They can’t complain so long as there’s coin. They disdain laziness yet yearn for their hard earned leisure whenever they can afford it.  


The chaos upon the world causes jobs to come and go like the tide. When wages are unreliable, people go hungry. When people go hungry, they fight for their food. Life expectancy isn’t great, but it’s better than being homeless and starving.  

Living Conditions

Single folks often live in crowded shared accomodation near the warehouses, factories, and docks that they work in. Families can only afford small living spaces that are just as packed. Only the better well off families can afford a decent home in somewhere like Bradstowe.

Proletariat is a Social Class background available in character creation using the Ethnis Lite RPG setting!
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Proletariat Mantras

Alignment Guide Mantra Fulfilment
Lawful Good “You don’t have to be rich to be generous.” You are generous and always make sure to send wealth or resources back home to your family, faith, or friends. You make charitable actions and try to lead people towards better life choices.
Chaotic Good “Work hard, play hard.” You are hard-working and like to celebrate your labour with equal amounts of leisure. You find it hard to unwind without having had a productive day and feel as if you need to earn your rest.
Lawful Evil “One folk’s trash is another’s treasure.” You are thorough and are the type of person that never lets things go to waste. You aren’t afraid to dig a little deeper to see if there’s hidden value in something.
Chaotic Evil “I won’t help anyone unless it helps me.” You are strategic (but there are some folks that call you selfish). You like to plan things out and weigh up the risks against the rewards to make sure you get what you want.


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