Memento Mori

Many Orlendians carry a memento mori with them as a reminder that one day, they will die. It is not meant to be a depressing reminder, but a highly motivating one. All across The Isles of Orlend people strive to live an orderly life according to the teachings of The Architect. To waste time is very much a bad thing, so having a memento mori can help people be mindful of this.   Memento Moris come in many forms such as pendants, rings, and even tattoos, but the most common is the Orlendian Memento Mori coin. On the 'heads' side there is a large skull that seems to stare at you and hold your gaze. On the reverse side is an hourglass with the sands of time passing away right before your eyes.   Different variations of the coin have been minted, some have messages or phrases surrounding the icons; others are minted in different values of metal, from iron, copper or even silver and gold (though those are mostly carried close to a noble's heart).
Item type
Religious / Ritualistic


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26 Apr, 2019 05:24

Does the form of a memento mori have any correlation with aspects of the holder?

30 Apr, 2019 02:38

I can imagine lineages of these coins passed down within families. A few coins that hop around—saved by the family leader when someone dies and granted to a child when they come of age.   "This was your grandfather's. He was a great warrior, so perhaps you will be as well."

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