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Jelly Trawler

An industrial fishing boat used to lure and catch bioluminescent jellyfish.

Jelly Trawlers are large industrial fishing boats that are used to catch large blooms of jellyfish for the production of bioluminescent Glow-Jelly.   The underside of the trawler has a glass tank full of processed, glowing Jelly. The jellyfish are drawn to their own kind and recognise the trawler's glow as a great big friend and head towards it, where they are then caught with large fishing nets and hauled aboard.   The trawlers used to process the jellyfish on deck during their journey back to port, but due to the dangerous nature of their paralytic tentacles it is much safer to bring the catch back to a processing factory in the docks. Touching a tentacle can leave you paralysed for several hours and can cause permanent damage to nerves, altered sense of taste, or even temporary or permanent loss of eyesight.   Jelly trawlers sail in fleets of around 30 to 50 ships to the warmer currents to the north Leucan Ocean, just off the coasts of Melopia. Due to the rising conflict between The Kingdom of Meles and The Melopian Empire, the fleet is often escorted by naval vessels from The Royal Melesian Navy to protect them from being arrested for poaching in waters claimed by Melopian territory.   The fleet of trawlers would stay at sea for up to four weeks, with around three trips per season depending on the sailing conditions. In the off-season, the jelly trawlers are checked over for repairwork and used for other light transport runs around The Isles of Meles.
Jelly Boats, Jelly Doggers
5+ metres depending on ship size
25+ metres depending on ship size
Complement / Crew
20+ crew members depending on ship size
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
5+ tonnes of fish depending on ship size
Technology / Science | Nov 20, 2022

Bioluminescent jellyfish extract from the shores of Orubia.

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