Jelly Festival

Jelly Festival takes place on Thirdday 17th Darkfall in the Calendar every year and is a big celebration of bioluminescent Glow-Jelly technology.   It is an opportunity for inventors to showcase their latest crazy ideas with Glow-Jelly. Street painters take portrait commissions and paint using pigments mixed with Jelly and adhesive to create faintly glowing masterpieces.   In the evening as the light goes down people celebrate by smearing and painting abstract designs onto their bodies using lavender infused Jelly and party into the night with song and dance.   The festival is usually held next to the sea in the hopes of witnessing a glowing bloom of jellyfish, but cultures from colder regions celebrate the customs near any body of water so that the light of their celebrations glisten on the surface.
A woman decorated for Jelly Festival celebrations by TJ Trewin
Technology / Science | Nov 5, 2019

Bioluminescent jellyfish extract from the shores of Orubia.

Cover image: by TJ Trewin


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