Fenshire Levels

The Fenshire Levels is an area of low lying countryside towards the southern end of The Isles of Orlend that is prone to seasonal flooding.   The floods occur in the winter months when the ground has already been highly saturated with rainfall and the rivers burst their banks. Since the events of The Rupture just over fifty years ago, these floods have only become worse due to damaged defences and infrastructure.   The cities of Norford and Shaleton have been heavily impacted by this natural occurance that they have invested a lot of coin into developing flood defences to protect properties. Smaller towns like Dalforth and many rural farming communities have been completely wiped out with much of the fields under several feet of water.
  There are many abandoned structures in The Fens which have been taken over by riftbeasts and bandits during the drier summer months.   The impact on farming in the local area has drastically reduced the production of crops and livestock to feed the nearby settlements, who are now relying on trade from further across the isles. Many folks up sticks and moved town for a more reliable place to live, but the roads are so dangerous now that not many survived the journey.   Most folks headed Aurus bound towards Dunstol in the hopes of picking up a new job at the docks, other folks settled on taking the bitter winds of the coastal path south up to the fishing city of Hayport.

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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
31 Dec, 2020 01:15

Floods are horrible. It sucks that they've got so much worse since the Rupture that people have had to move their homes.

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