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Bread Bandit

A mischievous creature that is adored by some and detested by others.

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  The crested dusksinger, commonly known as the bread bandit, are a species of bird native to the ancient wildlands of Rengia and can be found specifically in Caldura, where they thrive in the untamed grasslands of the central region of the continent.  
  • Typically they feed on grains, seeds, and berries, but with the influx of new folks settling in the wildlands after rifts opened during The Rupture - the birds have come to have their more widely known name: "bread bandits"
  • Locals often call them "pesky birds" because they will steal your bread, and if it's mating season they will attack you for mere crumbs. There are seasonal bread bans in the region because they get so aggressive.
  • Crested dusksingers aren't aggressive outside of mating season, and many find it cute and fun to feed them crumbs to see them up close, especially when they tap on the doors and windows begging for more. But many would argue that It's not so cute when you are being harassed by their pointed beaks and sharp talons as they screech at you for more carbohydrates.
  • Due to the interaction with folks living around their areas, the birds have had a massive population growth and are now starting to nest more in buildings, rooftops, and barns so that they can be closer to the bread.
  • Folks have a clear love / hate relationship with these birds. Whilst many let their cats hunt them, others have started to keep them as pets.
  • A new and very popular dare for young folk is to tie slices of bread to yourself and run a circuit around the town during mating season. The more slices and less blood you have left on you, the more reputation you gain
  • Those aren't tiles on the roof of the bakery, it's birds. don't queue outside, you'll get pecked at or pooped on, probably both.

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