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A condition that heightens fear and anxiety but also cognitive ability.

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  Apprehension is believed to be a hereditary mental condition, though new research suggests it may be connected to the events of The Rupture over 50 years ago, as no recordings of this condition were documented prior to this date.   Folks with apprehension report heightened feelings of fear and anxiety when reacting to stressors of their environement. It is distinct from other anxiety disorders or phobias in that it also spikes cognitive ability, making a confusing and overwhelming mix of a chaotic "fight, flight, fawn, or freeze" response and euphoric rush of revelations, epiphanies and ideas.     Many people pity folks who have apprehension and regard it as unfortunate or unlucky to have. While many can relate to the experience of general anxiety or having a phobia, few can understand how it feels to have that amplified with so many other thoughts going on at the same time.   Some of the greatest minds of science, arts, medicine, and magic have been diagnosed with apprehension - some artists and inventors even use it to their advantage to come up with their masterpieces and best ideas.   A niche genre of music is growing to cater to those with the condition, with performances using eerie and suspsense-building instruments leading to climaxes of loud, intense drumbeats that almost feel like they control the heart's rhythm.

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