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Togasei - BS44

Big, Manually powered and inordinately fast airship!

The Ship came in and they sent out messengers almost immediately. They came to us, the dock workers, think of that... They needed a midwife! One of the people on the ship was in labor, I took a couple of men and we ran for the temple of Firn to get a priest to help. I count my stars that I was there for it, I went onto the ship with the priest and saw the craziest things.   Everything was black, and warm to the touch. But more importantly, they had a little village up there. People in a walled enclave on this floating ship. Living their lives and doing whatever it is they do. If that doesn't say something about the future, I don't know what does.
— An excerpt from "Airships, A collection of memoirs on the topic of the rise of Airships."


While the Togasei-Class has much smaller backup Bullette Engines, they are rarely sufficient to power the entire Vessel. For the majority, the Togasei are powered by the foot work of countless manual laborers working non stop with pedals to push or gears to pull.  

Docked Vessels:

The Togasei has berthings for 6 escape or landing gliders, each held aloft by “LTA” cells and capable of landing safely in most situations.  


This massive leviathan of the skies is larger than some towns and capable of carrying those towns inside it. The majority of its space is filled with gas cells to keep it afloat, while massive compartments are fashioned inside the cells for transport of goods. The actual living quarters are on top of all of these cells, a spread not unlike a small village. With towers for navigation and buildings for lodging, and recreation. Lining the sides of the village/top of the airship are halls with various types of types of implements made to facilitate labor.   The sides of the ship are braced with massive mithril struts that maintain the rigidity and structure of the ship. The inside of the ship, below the town, is a massive open area made for the loading of vast amounts of cargo.   The most common of which, being the Row System. Wherein boats are placed in and the movement of oars powers massive fans that speed the ship along. The majority of the airship is painted light colors to protect the inside of the ship from intense temperatures. However, the land under the village is deliberately painted black and made of more heat conductive materials to help conserve resources.  

Used By:

These ships take specific types of construction and take a long time to build. At this point, there are roughly 200 Togasei class airships cruising over the airspace of Ithungsida. The majority of these airships are owned by Forkden-based traders due to the massive expenses of the labor force. However, a growing number of these groups have been declaring independence and joining a group of airship villages named the Liberated Sky People.
800 feet
150 feet
4 Miles per hour
300-700 Crew.
Up to 2000 tons.


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