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Hongden - BS42

Big Cargo Haulers, Bullette Engine Powered Airships!

I looked up into the sky one day as we were herding the animals back into the barn, our Milk Sheep was uncomfortable that day you understand? Then the sun blotted out. Well, we's looked up at the clouds to see if we was about to get hit by rain, and then we realized. That there was no cloud. It was some sort of huge ship with windows and a keel with rails on it. And it was flying!   The sides of it had huge white billowy balloons that looked like it was holding it up. It was amazing. I went and got the kids from the house and we watched it as it flew off towards somewhere else. Must have been going towards Eami or somewhere? We never really checked into it.
— An excerpt from "Airships, A collection of memoirs on the topic of the rise of Airships."


Bullette Engines are expensive, but they get the job done well on low power. Due to this, the Hongden class moves much slower than the Togasei, even though it is very similarly constructed.

Docked Vessels:

The Hongden has berthing for 4 escape or landing gliders, each held aloft by “LTA” cells and capable of landing safely in most situations.  


The Hongden Class vessels are built in very similar methods to the Togasei - BS44, however, they are easier to construct due to the comparative lack of Mithril used in it’s construction. The village that gives the Togasei class it’s trademark identity is completely absent from the Hongden Class, preferring instead a low-hanging ship that hangs below the blimp portion of the construction.   The entire living area of the Hongden Class is similar to how Blood Claw - BS21 are constructed, but utilize larger ships or chassis designed specifically for the Hongden Class.  

Used By:

There are closer to 400 Hongden class vessels traversing the skies of Ithungsida. The Hongden Class ships are used by various companies across Ithungsida, at least, the ones willing to pay the exorbitant prices of managing the Bullette Engines.
800 feet
150 feet
2 Miles per hour
30-100 Crew.
Up to 2000 pounds.


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