Blood Claw - BS21

Medium Sized, Magic/Bullette powered airship!

I lived in Moldatun for the longest time, from birth till I was an adult. Something I always remembered was how the ships came in. Yes, yes, there was the active port. However, that's not the thing I remember. No, it was the flying ships. Carried aloft by balloons and threatening my parents that they'd take me away to the lands of my dreams. The ships would fly in like some mystical beast, some painted silver in respect to the Champion and Favored.   When I finally got the chance to ride them into the sunset, I wasn't disappointed.
— A section from "Airships, A collection of memoirs on the topic of the rise of Airships."
  The usual image one gets in their head when they hear about the Blood Claw(BS21) class of Airships is that of some fashion of sailing ship with the mast and sails replaced by a massive blimp-esque overhang. Sailing through the seas of the sky! And while, that is true of a number of the airships, the BS21 have the widest variation of any of the other Airship models.   From the archetypal flying ship, to a BlackStaff - BS11 with the addittion of a Bullette Engine, the BS21's only requirements to fit the model is the presence of a functional Bullette Engine and a large amounts of "LTA" Cells to provide lift. With this definition, BS21 is the most likely airship to be seen in the skies above Ithungsida.  

Used By:

Around 2,000 Blood Claw vessels make their transit across the skies of Ithungsida. These ships are used by various companies across Ithungsida, with a high number owned privately and contracted out to various companies such as the ScatterShell Corporation.
60 feet
30 feet
60 Miles per hour
30-70 Crew.
Up to 168,000 pounds.
The BS21 uses the same type of Bullette Engines used by the BS42 Class vessels.
Docked Vessels
The Blood Claw usually has a single berthing for an escape variant of a BS11.

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