Rexa - BS31

Small, Bullette Bullet Class airship, very fast, breaks apart very quickly!

The thing came in like a flare in the night. The forest lit up as it came blazing out of the sky with a stream of fire out of it's back and the explosive roar of its engine that I can only assume drowned out the screams of passengers. I swear, I thought the world was ending with it's approach. The damn thing looked like it was going to smash into the wall of the city and some people that had heard it approaching started screaming as they caught sight of it.   Then, the fire just cut out from behind it, and it just glided down into the shipyard like it wasn't some sort of demonic wraith sent by MerGus. That was when I knew I'd never let anyone force me onto one of those damn airships, those folks might have survived, but just think about what would have happened if it didn't slow down...
— A section from "Airships, A collection of memoirs on the topic of the rise of Airships."


The Rexa class ships are much differently constructed than the Blood Claw - BS21 or the Togasei - BS44. The "LTA" Cells are integrated into the structure of the ship and are often modeled after birds, dragons or similar flying creatures. They are also very small with most of the structure dedicated to the Bullette Engine and the "LTA" Cells. It can hold it's crew and usually three passengers comfortably, however with full seating and extremely limited movement space, can hold up to 10 total people for fast trips.   The ships themselves are built to exacting standards only matched by the BS44, rigid internal shells and heavy Bullette Engines ramped up to full power. The ships generally zip in single directions so the air doesn't tear the structure apart. Even with those precautions, the Rexa Class only has a few guaranteed trips and are usually retired after their tenth major trip. Ships that are past that point have been known to break apart mid-flight with disastrous consequences.  

Used By:

These Ships are used according to their expense, which is to say, sparingly. The Rexa is generally used by those who need to travel fast and far without a chance of being delayed or pursued. Often used for important documents or materials that need to be safeguarded or can't be transported by magical means.

Length 20 feet
Height 30 feet
Speed 100 Miles per hour
Crew 3-5 Crew.
Cargo/Passengers Up to 6,000 pounds.
Fuel/Power The BS31 uses a single Bullette Engine that is overclocked and built into the frame of the ship.
Docked Vessels The Rexa has no escape vessels, but does have ejection options for the pilots.


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